Rainy Day

Rainy days lead to boredom.

And the constant desire to nap.

Except for toddlers, they are immune to Rainy Day Syndrome.

We received a nice bit of rain from Hurricane Hanna(h), but that was about it. Nothing exciting like Hurricane Isabel, so I was slightly bummed. Not to say that I wanted destruction; just a little something more.

Lots of Raining

Lots of Raining

Running Water on the Roof

Running Water on the Roof

I had a lot of fun playing with the shutter settings/speed to capture the rain. Have I mentioned how much I am loving the XTi?

Of course, I can’t go a day without taking pictures of Amelia…

Baby Face

Baby Face

Amelias Profile

Amelia's Profile

Those pictures were taken just after her nap, so she really wasn’t in the mood to smile for me.

Otherwise, the day was spent lounging around the house. I cleaned the kitchen and did 1 load of laundry while Greg cleaned and vacuumed the living/dining room; both of us were feeling pretty lazy today.

Oh, and we totally failed on our commitment to not eat out (either fast food or delivery) by ordering a pizza for dinner. I don’t think I mentioned the decision Greg and I made sometime in August to go the entire month of September with no fast food and delivery. We knew it was going to be a challenge for us, especially since there is this one particular pizza  place in Brooklyn, MD that we love (and is the only place we order our pizza from). Well, we lasted five days. Which is good because we both wanted to order a pizza this past Tuesday (cause we both had hellish days at work), but I was the stronger one and said no. Yesterday Greg wanted to order a pizza and I said no. Today, I was the one that wanted to order the pizza and Greg has no willpower – so, we had pizza. But, in all fairness, we spent less than $20 (including tip) to feed a family of three (Amelia LOVES pizza), which, in my opinion, isn’t all that bad… right?

I’ve been playing around with Photoshop Elements 5.0 (PSE 5) throughout the day. I have a lot of ‘project’ ideas and I want to become more familiar and comfortable with PSE 5 for when I am really ready to start working on the projects.

I really can’t express enough how much I am loving Scott Kelby’s book; it’s totally making this, PSE 5, so easy for me. The book is, literally, dummy proof!

We don’t have any concrete plans for tomorrow; I suggested another park (especially since I now have my amazing camera) and we’re considering visiting  Gun Powder Falls or North Point State Park) or the Union Dam. But, we haven’t really talked about it tonight.

Pogo is addictive. I started this entry mid afternoon and it’s now 11:30pm! I keep distracting myself.

Ok, I’m finally heading off to bed.

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