Day at the Fair

I mentioned earlier this week that we were considering going down to the Charles County Fair this weekend. Well, last night I decided that we weren’t going to go; I didn’t want to spend any money (most of which would have been on gas). Well, my Mom called this morning to see if we were going and I told her that I decided against it and explained why and she then tells me that my Step-dad has a check for me, my commission from the last eBay sale. Woot! A couple hundred extra dollars is waiting for me in Charles County?! I’m there!

That conversation was at 9am. Greg was still asleep. So, I send Amelia into the bedroom to wake up Greg and tell him that we’re going to the fair! Get outta bed, get in the shower, get dressed and let’s go! We were out of the house in an hour!

The drive was boring, as usual, and Amelia and I napped on the way down.

We meet Mom at the livestock entrance and so begins our day at the fair…

Of course we start things off with the animals:

This Goat was trying to eat my shirt!

This Goat was trying to eat my shirt!

Amelia LOVED being able to pet all the animals! She loved the cows and goats the most. Personally, I enjoyed the piggies and have been begging Mom to get a pot-bellied pig, or something, for the house (hers, not mine) for years. One day she’ll cave in.

After we toured the animals, we headed over to meet up with April and her family to watch Olivia participate in the “Cutest Baby” contest. There were A LOT of participants! Sadly, Olivia didn’t win, but one of April’s best friends baby one first place (a whopping $5)!

Once the pageant was over, we headed to the pavilion for lunch and entertainment. The entertainment was provided by a band called The Wayward Street Players and they are good! If Greg and I decide to host the wedding reception at my Mom’s, I totally want to book them for fun (not dancing) and entertainment!

And, Amelia had a blast listening to them! Within 20 minutes (and after she ate some of her lunch), she was dancing around and trying to get onto the stage!

Once we were done with lunch and music, it was time for some rides! Mom and I went on two rides and then Greg and I went on a ride. Tickets are hella expensive! It cost $1 for each ticket and most of the rides had a requirement of 5 tickets per rider; which means it cost $5 per person per ride. Ouch!

The last ride we rode was the ferris wheel. I have a love/hate relationship with ferris wheels; while I love the views they can provide, I hate the … not-so-safe-sitting-in-here feeling. Either way, I wanted to ride the ferris wheel to take pictures of the entire fairground.

The weather forecast people were telling everyone that it was suppose to rain today. It didn’t and it was HOTTT instead! Needless to say, by the end of the day all three of us were exhausted! Amelia almost fell asleep on the way home, and thankfully didn’t. Greg was literally slapping himself in the face to stay awake during the drive (and repeatidly declined my offer to drive us home) and right now, I am the only person awake in the house; which won’t be for much longer.

Next up: We’re about 98% certain that we’re going to host a reception and we’ve found the spot! More on this next time.


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