Lazy Post

This afternoon, Greg and I spent a good two hours talking about our upcoming cruise. On Friday, he sent me an email with a link to a shirt that he wants to buy for the cruise as well as other clothing items he wants for the cruise, and I told him about my thoughts of getting a few cocktail dresses. We then started to talk about the specialty restaurants and which ones we want to check out, which I think Greg is most excited about (aside from visiting the Cayman Islands and Cozumel Mexico), as well as all the fun things we’re going to do on the ship. I’m actually excited that we’re going to have two whole days at sea just for the purpose of exploring the ship and relaxing.  Yeah, we’re  starting to get really excited!!

Greg and I have found our reception location! We’re pretty much set on Windows on the Bay in Pasadena. On Thursday, during my lunch, I was going through some of the local wedding magazines I bought earlier this year to look at reception sites again. I came across an ad for Windows on the Bay and decided to check out their site and was very pleased to see their prices on the catering! So much cheaper than other quotes I’ve received. So, I forwarded the link to Greg and he replied that the name of the business sounded familiar and quickly learned that one of his co-workers hosted his son’s rehearsal dinner at this place and this co-worker couldn’t saying anything bad about the place!

Then came the decision of what type or reception do we want: a traditional reception with a DJ, cake, and the sorts; or more of a dinner party. We weighed the pros and cons and what we wanted, and have decided to go all out and have a traditional reception. Hey, you only get married once, right?  Ha ha ha !!! This reception is going to be so much better than my previous reception. Not that the previous one was bad, I just didn’t care. This time, I care and it will mean a lot to me. Plus, I get to become creative and crafty with the invitations, theme, decoration, and all that fun stuff!! I can’t wait, but I have to. We’re not planning on hosting this reception until sometime in late 2009 – more than likely early Sepetember.

I’ve been wathcing Amazing Wedding Cakes on WEtv for the last two hours (and Bridzilla the hour before) and that show has gotten me all excited about picking out my wedding cake! I want to order our cake from Sugar Bakers because I loved the cake they made for Greg’s 30th birthday (I tried linking to the post but it won’t work, darn you WP!), and I still want to do something funky and fun for the cake – which means we could still go for the Mario Wedding cake!

I have to think about a theme for the reception, or if I want a theme at all (and I think I do). Colors, table numbers, and all that fun stuff! Squee!! So exciting! I just hope I can keep my mental sanity for planning my reception while helping Michele with her wedding and reception!! 2009 is going to be a busy year!!

Well, it’s late and I need to gt to bed. I will write more details later.


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