De Plane, Boss!

We just purchased our airfare!!

We’re one step closer to the cruise!!






was the cost of our airfare!

Oh yeah!! Oh yeah!! Oh yeah!!

W00t W00t W00t!!!!

I’d like to say I KNEW IT, in terms that I would not be paying $600 for plane tickets, except I’m more mature than that…

ha ha ha

But, Greg did admit that I was right; that it was possible to find cheaper airfare. Thank you, Delta!

Oh, and we get to leave from the airport that is 15 minutes from home, rather than the one that is 2 hours away!!! And, the flight leaves at 1-ish, I think, rather than 6am!

Oh, could it get any better?!

Hmmm… I would love a free upgrade to first class… *hint hint hint for the airfare faeries*

And get this… 4 months from today (going by date, not day of the week), I will be on NCL’s Jewel heading south to the Grand Cayman Islands!!!

Once Greg pressed the submit button, I told him there’s no going back – we’re locked in, baby. He commented that we bought the travel insurance, so, technically, we (read: he) could go back. I just smacked him (in the most loving way, of course).

So, now we just need to arrange transportation once we’re in Ft. Lauderdale to Miami (good thing I have lots of friends in FL – Hello Daniel!) and a place to stay (have I mentioned how much I love Danie?).

So, like… wow! We’re pretty much set for the cruise now! It’s all shore excursions (which is going to be so hard to choose from), restaurant picking, casino planning (oh yeah, on board casino! Greg’s going to hit up the roulette table and hopefully win us some serious money like he did in Atlantic City), and relaxing at the spa’s ($75 per person for all your want spa for the entire length of the cruise… can not pass that up).

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

Ok, heading to bed… just had to share my happiness!

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