Tis the Season

for the sniffles, sneezing, watery eyes, coughs, and COLDS.

Amelia has a cold and is all around miserable. Until the Tylenol kicks in, then she’s a little better.

We hung low today; ran only a few errands. I finally got my eyebrows waxed (the last time was MAY), got the oil changed in my car, visited my brother for a few minutes, and did a semi-short trip to Target. We also looked for some wedding attire for Greg; didn’t find anything we liked. I believe Greg’s wedding outfit is going to be harder to find than mine (which I think I found a new dress I want).

All the while, Amelia’s nose was running like a waterfall (but thicker) and she managed to get snot all in her hair. She had a Something about Mary style going on for a bit. That’s my girl!

While at Target we bought a few clothes for Amelia since she has no fall/winter clothes for this upcoming season. We were hesitant about buying things now because we don’t know what size will fit her when the season kicks in. She’s finally starting to out grow the 12 mos size, but she’s still a little too small for the 18 mos size. I did buy a 2T sweater jacket/coat for her, which was a little long on her, but it was 100% cotton and I expect it to shrink, a lot, once it’s cool enough to start wearing (especially as the mornings are starting to get cooler). We also bought her some new pj’s, sized 2T, that are long sleeved and pants, as we’ve turned off the A/C and have the windows open (not in her room) and it gets a little cooler at night. Basically, right now she’s inbetween sizes and it’s difficult to gage when she’s going to grow into the next size up. So frustrating.

Did you know that Target already has CHRISTMAS items out?! I LOVE IT! I love Christmas so much; I love the snow, the music, the lights, and most importantly the feeling of Christmas. I am already getting excited about Christmas and there’s still 96 days to go!

I was text’ing one of my best friends, Daniel, telling him that I will be in FL in January and he was over the moon excited and has offered us his home while we’re in town! Yay!! That is going to save us a couple hundred dollars by not having to pay for a hotel and taxi’s. Of course, we’re going to give him something to show our gratitude.

At the same time I was text’ing Daniel, I was text’ing Michele and she asked me if Greg would be interested in doing her wedding photos!! W00t! Greg’s (possible) first photography gig! Of course, he needs to talk to her about details, and he’ll see her next weekend while we’re in Hagerstown trying on dresses, and he’ll make his final decision. He’s a little apprehensive, as he feels he’s ‘not ready’, but I told him that he has over a year to practise and to get at least one more lens and some screens. Plus, Michele is so laid back about her wedding photos and she just wants a few ‘formal’ shots – not enough to really ‘hire’ someone (though, she did say she would pay Greg).

I think it’s a great opportunity for Greg, to do Michele’s photos; I would if I wasn’t in her wedding party. Also, even though Greg doesn’t want to specialize in wedding photography, everyone has to start somewhere and what a better place to start than with someone you know. Well, that’s my opinion on the matter.

No real plans for tomorrow. I guess everything will depend on how Amelia is feeling. Poor little booger.

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