The Apple doesn’t Fall…

… far from the tree.

I’ve caught Amelia’s cold and am sitting here, on my lunch hour (which was started 20 min late), feeling like crap.

And, to add to this great feeling of crap, I am also feeling a tad bit of emotional PMS.

The combination of the two make one happy Jess… NOT!

At the rate I am feeling, worse and worse as the day progresses, I probably wont be in the office tomorrow. Which would be awesome (a whole day to myself… heaven), but I want to save my vacation/personal days for the cruise (if I don’t take any days off for the rest of the year, I will rollover 6 days). Oh, the torture of choosing between happy day to myself, or an unpaid happy day in Mexico…

Ugh, this is going to be a long day. But, at least the Fall Season of TV starts tonight.

3 thoughts on “The Apple doesn’t Fall…

  1. J, you have a very valid point and that’s pretty much exactly how I feel in the matter.

    But, I did show up for work today, feeling slightly better, and worse at the same time.

    Tiz, yeah, totally hoping I don’t catch what you have… that’s the last thing I want right now (seriously). But, I fear my fear may come true… the coughing has begun, the sneezing and now another sore throat… oh the wrath of the Fall season… blast!

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