Music that Moves

I’ve always been interested in music; not just listening to the music in of itself, but more about the instrument that is creating the sound (and, of course the person playing the instrument…).

My musical talents are weak, but I do have a little bit of talent. In high school, I was a band geek. I started out in flags (color guard, whatever you call it) and one day the band teacher stated he needed someone to volunteer to play percussion… I volunteered and did the drums and other percussion instruments for two years. Then, the summer between junior and senior year the band teacher said he needed someone to play the trombone. I volunteered (I had recruited a few precussion people, so I could move on). The band teacher (who I also used to babysit for) provided a crash course a few weeks before marching band practice was scheduled to begin. So, me and a few other brass instrument beginners (I was the only trombone, the rest were trumpets) met twice a week for training and practice. I took to the instrument well, in my opinion, especially considering I had no prior experiance, whatsoever, with playing a brass instrument.

Before the end of the first semester, I was playing first chair music. That, in my book, is impressive. I lacked self confidence while playing, until I was completely comfortable with the music we were playing (meaning I practiced it over, and over, until I knew every note in my mind), so I didn’t play the to the capabilities of the trombone (one of the loudest brass instruments).

I had a really good friend, A, that was also in the band (acutally, I had a shit load of really good friends, Jay is one of them… but we go back to middle school, and Richard is the other, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him before…), anyway, A plays the french horn, piano, and the cello. Yes, he was a prodigy of some sort; didn’t skip any grades or anything (unlike a few of my other friends), but he was one sharp cookie… and a dirty minded little boy! Moving on… I used to listen to A practice his cello sometimes after school while we were waiting for band practice to being.

… there is a point…. may not be sharp, but it does exsist…

To me, there is something moving about listening to a cello; to me, hearing it has a feeling, an emotion. I absolutely love the cello.

A few months ago, while listening to the radio, I learned of Apocalypitica and fell in love with them (and I meant to write about them, but they, like many other topics of interest, got lost in the craziness of my mind). Now, to give a little back story, I used to be a …. heavy metal chick… I was all into Megadeath, Metallica, Guns and Roses, Ozzy, and the sorts. Hard to imagine, huh? I never dressed like the ‘headbangers’ in high school, but I was friends with them, along with a few cheerleaders, football players, softball (cause I played for one season), and every other ‘social group’ there was (duh, I was friends with the prodigy genusis too). I was pretty much a ‘catch all’ kinda person.

Today, I still listen to those groups and more. Greg and Daniel introduced me to house, trance, electronica music; and I grew up on “oldies” and “classic rock”. the one thing I’ve never been able to ‘get’ is country (hillbilly country as well as country rock) and pop (NSYNC, 98 Degrees, Brittany Spears, NKOTB… those ‘bands’)…

Moving on…

Apocalypitica is a band from Finland and they’re ‘calling’ is playing heavy metal music on their cello’s. And. I. LOVE. IT. It’s like the best of both worlds, musically, for me. One of my favorites, that they play, is Metallica’s One

the clip isn’t the best sounding (as there are interruptions from people whistling and such), but it gives enough of an idea (especially if you know the Metallica song, which is one of my favorite songs by Metallica).

I think it’s awesome that this band totally breaks the ‘heavy metal, headbanger, drugs and alcohol’ stereotype (being way vague here, and totally left ball), but you… aggressive looking, long hair, clothing and attire… and… they play cello’s. Not what someone would think if they were to see them in the street.

Kind of like me; I listen to the aggressive, heavy metal music, but no one knows (except for family and Greg) because I don’t ‘look the type’ (love the powers of stereotyping).


Cello’s. Love the feeling and emotion they create (within me); it’s like I hear and see the story from the melody they produce. Hearing Metallica songs played on the cello adds a whole new meaning to the song (especially for One).

So, yeah… thought I would share this tidbit of my music interests and the liking.


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