A Day in the Life of…

… a stay at home Mom.

That’s my role today.

I had to call out of work due to the babysitter taking a personal day (her 13 year old Greyhound passed away over the weekend); and Greg couldn’t call out because he’s working at a different shop today, and my Mom was working too. So, I really had no choice.

This morning started out well. I was up at 6:30am, although still in bed milking those last few cat naps. Greg left the house at 7am (he had a nice long drive into DC today) and it was just Amelia and me. We had a nice breakfast and I started to work on the laundry and straighten up the bathrooms. Amelia has a minor meltdown with the dryer buzzer went off (this was around 9am), so we sat on the couch and watch TLC’s A Baby Story, because Amelia is all about the babies. We watched both episodes then we get dressed and head out for the mountain of errands:

  1. Stop at the bank to get forms for refinances auto loan notarized (for free)
  2. Return to store where I bought my dress yesterday (not my wedding dress, though I thought it would work, but it didn’t) and exchange the dress for a different color
  3. Stop by Target to buy more wipes and pick up a few other odds and ends (more barrettes for Amelia’s hair and check out the clearance rack for some fall/winter clothes for Amelia – none)
  4. Stop by a local playground to let Amelia run loose and burn off what energy she has so she will take a nice long nap

Ok, not really a mountain or errands, but more than enough. Especially when I have to take Amelia in and out of the car for each stop.

We were home by 12:30pm and Amelia was asleep by 1:00pm (I love watching her fall asleep).

Right now, I am going through Aemlia’s old clothes and washing everything that I want to give Brooke, as her little girl is going to make her debut soon (within the next few weeks hopefully). I remember how much clothes Amelia would go through in a week during the first few months, and since most of Amelia’s clothes are for the fall/winter, I feel they will come in use for Tim and Brooke (and that’s another item to check off my list).

As I was walking around Target, I asked myself if I could do this, being a stay at home mom (SAHM). And, I don’t know the answer. It’s nice to be able to get things done around the house, and other errands such as the notary done, but I’m not sure I could do this day in and day out. I wondered if I knew the answer if Greg and I had a house, rather than a condo, and then I could play outside with Amelia, work in the garden and such as oppossed to having to pack her and the car up and drive to a local park or some place for her to run around without me having to worry about cars in a parking lot. I’m feeling, that if we had a house, that I could and would probably want to be a SAHM, but since we live in a small-ish condo (about a thousand square feet of space), and we’re on the third floor (so no easy access to the yard), it’s hindering my decision. Although, I’m not exactly sure why having house makes that much of a difference for wanting to be a SAHM. Hmm.

Well, I think I am going to try to get a small nao in while Amelia is napping.

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