Just Writing

Amelia has croup. I suspected this late yesterday afternoon when she started coughing and it had the telltale sound of a bark. When Greg came home, I told him what I felt and he decided to take Amelia to her pediatrician’s office this afternoon to confirm the diagnosis. So, she is on a steroid to reduce the inflammation.

I ordered Greg’s wedding pants on Saturday and they should be here tomorrow! I can’t wait to see how they look on him. And, the best thing is that I only paid $6.99!! I love the clearance section and promo coupons (thanks message boards). I hope to order Greg’s shirt soon, but money is uber tight right now.

I’m seriously considering getting a seasonal, weekend only, job to earn some extra money before the cruise (so much so that I’ve applied at the local Target store – and they have an employee discount). I don’t want to worry about money while on the cruise. I’ve told Greg that he better win a lot of money at the casino, I want him to win enough to pay for the trip (like when we went to Atlantic City, NJ in March of 2006).

Work is work; still busy as all hell.

I’ve found a new website to become addicted to: www.mint.com. It’s a financial website to help you keep track of your money. So simple, yet so scary (as in to see where your money is going), to use.

I had a low blood sugar ‘event’ today. It was rather weird; I didn’t feel the symptoms right away, something just told me to check my sugar level (something I haven’t done in a long time) and I asked Lisa if I could use her kit (and she said yes) and when I checked, my sugar was 69. A few moments later is when I started to feel the shakes and I was like “oh shit! what is this?” and started to eat a few pieces of chocolate I had at my desk. It was completely weird. I think I need to get a new tester (as the old one is broken and I am too cheap to buy a new one – which sent me over to my docs website and request a script for a new meter).

So, this month I am not taking any birth control. This is partially by choice (shh… don’t tell Greg) and partially because I ran out of refills (another reason to send a message to my doc, which I have done). The only reason this is by choice is because I am curious to know if I would have a cycle al a natural, rather than ‘forced’ from the pill. The only down side is that Greg is so paranoid about getting me preggers that he is too scared to have sex (I tell him has a couple of weeks before there is even a remote change of possible pregnancy), unless we use a form of barrier protection (which I dislike); so, we’ll see what happens.

Nothing else going on. So, I am going to head to bed.

2 thoughts on “Just Writing

  1. Bummer for lil miss Amelia…that’s no fun. 😦

    Awesome pants deal there too! Schweet!

    Scary about the blood sugar…you’d best watch yourself!

    You’d better tell Greg….cuz the shit will totally hit the fan if you keep it from him and he finds out about it later.


  2. No worries, he knows I’m not on the pill this month. I don’t keep secrets from him (and I’m not implying that you do from your hubby… just adding that disclaimer).

    Amelia seems to be doing better, but I swear she’s giving us an early dose of the “terrible twos” cause she’s really been pushing our buttons the last 24 hours.

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