Because I am (slightly) bored

yeah, just writing because I am bored.

Amelia is… the same, I think. She is still “barking” when she coughs, though the coughs are not as frequent. Babysitter informed Greg that she was bit challenging this morning… he didn’t get the details (typical) so, I don’t know how challenging she was.

Even though, she spit out ALL HER MEDICINE this morning. That ticked me off.

Work was a little better today. Can you believe someone asked to speak to a supervisor via webchat today? Really. Are people too lazy to pick up the phone to call and address their issue? People cease to amaze me nowadays.

Greg’s pants for the ceremony arrived today. There is only one issue with the pants; they’re too long (and I requested a 30 inch inseam, and the tag says it’s 30 inches, but the pants are way too long), so I’ll have to find someone to hem them for him. Oh, and Amelia nearly ruined them. The pants were lying on the bed and Amelia did one of her “plops” onto the pants and her face was dirty from her dinner…. of ravioli, heavy on the sauce, and left a nice “saucy kiss”. Greg wasn’t too pleased (and he was in a bad mood tonight… I think the dude needs to get laid or something). But, I assured him the pants will be fine after I sprayed some stain remover stuff and washed them.

I spent my entire lunch hour talking on the phone with my Mom, and when my brother called (because today is his birthday), I used the 3 way feature on the phone. My brother accepted an awesome promotion and will be working in Baltimore by the end of the month (much closer to home) and will be making more money than Greg and I combined (well, nearly). And, he’s only 26. I am proud of my brother and am very excited for him. We were going to go out tonight for a celebratory shot, but I think he over slept. Also, with this new position (same company as he currently works for, but he’ll be working at the corporate office rather than one of their campuses), he is considering joining Greg and I on our cruise (just because). It would be totally awesome if he and Aaron joined us. Totally. Awesome.

And, I don’t really have anything else to write about (for now).

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