Mid Week Banter

It’s been hella busy, stressful, and tiring this week.

When will it all end?

Never!!  Muuhahahah…

On the plus side, Mom is taking Amelia for the week, next week. We’re doing the exchange this Saturday (going to meet at a bridal shop to try on a specific dress I have my eyes on) and that’s all the plans I have. I can’t wait to be lazy.

Greg and I were emailing earlier this week about how it would be nice to get away for the weekend; go to the mountains for a little B&B and ‘us’ time. Yeah, lack of money is preventing us from doing that. Maybe one day in the future…

In the mean time, I am completely content with just sleeping in. my bed. buried under the covers. while the windows are open (on my side of the bed) and ceiling fan is on… making it nice and cool on the outside, but of so cozy warm on the inside (of my covers).


Halloween is around the corner and I don’t know what to do, for Amelia. We didn’t do anything last year ’cause she was only 9.5 months old. This year, she’s nearly 2. I’ve thought about going to one of the local malls, but… meh. Our neighborhood isn’t quite the ‘family’ neighborhood (read: no kids), and Mom lives 2 hours away. Maybe we’ll just forgo Halloween again this year. I don’t think she’s missing anything and we certainly don’t need the candy in the house!

This past Sunday we let Amleia ‘play’ with the Wii.

She enjoyed the bowling…

and playing with the guitar

Everyone at work LOVED the pictures and mini clip of Amelia (but, then again, everyone at work LOVES Ameila – especially my supervisor and manager).

Work sent out an email last week about the upcoming holiday party and I am totally excited for this years party!! We’re having a dinner on a cruise! I sent the email to Greg and he’s pretty exited too. Just between you and me, I’m dying to know what Greg’s company is doing this year for their Holiday Party… they always do something neat, such as last years private party at Dave and Busters (with open bar and free games ALL NIGHT). It was fun.

I was thinking, when the dinner cruise was announced, that I have another reason to shop for a new dress (something I’ve recently become… addicted… to) and then remembered I still have the dress I bought last year… and, I’ve only worn it twice… might as get more use out of it, right? It’s so weird, I get excited about some things, like buying a new dress, but become too lazy about actually doing it. I wonder if there is something wrong with me. As, that could also be the reason I still don’t have a wedding dress… too lazy to really look (well, that and timing and money).

Only time will tell, I suppose.

Ok, I’m sleepy and it’s after 11.. night

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