Since buying the Wii Fit, I’ve “exercised” every day/night (starting on Sunday). W00t!

Greg received his wedding shirt in the mail today! The shirt looks nice; I am liking the pale yellow. The only concern is that the shirt is too pale and kinda blends into the color of his pants; he wants a little more “pop”. I told him to wait until we can see what the outfit looks like in the sunlight.

So, with Greg’s shirt in the closet – we pretty much have everything we need for the wedding! Only two more items are on their way (well, sorta): my bouquet and photo charm. Both have been ordered – I am having the photo charm mailed to my ‘florist’ so she can add it to the bouquet; rather than me trying to figure out how to add it.  I can’t wait to see what my bouquet looks like. I swear I feel more excited about the bouquet than I do my wedding dress!

There are still a few things I’m debating about, for the wedding. The one thing being if I want a veil or a flower for my hair. I’ve researched all the options out there (on Etsy and eBay) and I still don’t know.

Oh, my brother surprised me the other week by telling me he and a few friends have decided to join Greg and me on the cruise! I’m excited that my brother is going to join us; he deserves this vacation. He’s worked so hard over the last three years and hes recently been promoted. It’s time for him to celebrate! I’ve informed Daniel of the increase in guests (since we’re planning on staying with him before the cruise) and he’s uber excited and is planning on a party! I can’t wait – January can’t get here soon enough!

On the work front, I think I received a promotion. I’m not exactly sure. My manager, who is a male… lacks communication and details (typical male behavior – as I’ve expressed to him). Yesterday afternoon, say around 3pm, he tells me to go sit with another co-worker to learn all her work, as today was her last day and I am to be taking over her duties. So, long story short, I received a crash course in correspondence (and all the nitty gritty details that is involved). Best yet, she left early today; so essentially I had to learn everything in a matter of 5 hours. Surprisingly, I got it (which, to my surprise, a lot of other people knew I was going to be assigned this task and felt that I was the best candidate for it – but no one bothered to inform me — until the last minute). Now, here is where the details are lacking: as of this morning, I am going to do this “part time”, meaning I am to train another co-worker so we can alternate (I work on correspondence for one month and then switch with her). I’m not too keen on this idea because… well, as they say… “too many hands in the pot…” Plus, the amount of detail that is needed for this position could cause confusion if two people are trading duties. So, later in the day the manager came over as I was sitting with the co-worker before she left and he had this goofy smile and I asked what the smile was about and he said nothing… bla bla bla… and I asked a few more details about the new duties and it sounded like the reason he wants me to do this part time is so that I can still earn my commissions. I informed him that the commissions are no where near what they were last year (as of yet, I’m lucky if I earn $100 a month in commissions, whereas last year I was bringing in between $1000-$1300 a month) and I would gladly give up my (lack of) commissions for mental sanity and health. So, we’ll see where this goes. I’m going to give it a week and then re-approach him about my opinion about sharing the responsibilities.

Halloween. It’s next week. I’ve decided to take Amelia down to my Grandma’s house for trick or treating and dinner. Unfortunately, Greg can’t get out of work due to his co-workers wife, Brooke, who might have her baby by then. As of today, Brooke is three days out from her due date – so, it’s any day now.

No plans this weekend. Kinda feels nice; considering all that we did last weekend. Oh, and have received so many compliments and praises from my co-workers about my pictures! Everyone seemed surprised when I told them that I took the picture (and did some slight editing). And, when my cousin saw the pictures from Bowles Farm… she even suggested that Greg and I be her wedding photographer (when ever her baby’s Daddy pops the question).

Speaking of photography, Greg and I (mostly Greg) have created our own website: CreativeClicksbyJGS.com. I came up with the name! The site is still in the very early creation – but please leave us some feedback! I’m suppose to create the header – haven’t even touched it.


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