Coming Together

Well, things seem to be coming along for the wedding.

I received an email from my ‘florist’ informing me that my flowers are in!

Wedding Flowers
Close Up

I love the color combo and I can’t wait to see the final product! Also, I received an email from my ‘photo charm’ lady informing me that the charm has been mailed to the ‘florist’ and provided me with the tracking information!

And, the best bit of information received today was the script for our vows!

Gregory and Jessica, the vows you are about to exchange will join your lives. You both bring individual strengths and weaknesses to this marriage, and as you stand together as a married couple, may you complement each other and fulfill each other’s needs as your love and commitment continue to deepen throughout your married life.

The Wedding Rings are symbols of the vows here taken, circles of unending faith and commitment, perfect in form.  They represent the beginning of a long journey together, filled with wonder and surprises, laughter and tears, celebration and grief and joy.  May these rings seal your vows of marriage to each other.

That’s just a sample of the vows that I received. I forwarded the vows to Greg. He replied, no real comments or suggestions. So, I replied asking if he had an emotional reaction and he replied “maybe”. So, earlier tonight while we were chatting about our days (I felt like I didn’t accomplish anything and his was stressful as all hell), I probed him for more details about his reaction to reading the vows. And, let me just say… Greg is totally going to cry during our ceremony; he felt a little weepy just reading the vows! … in unison: “Aaaawwww” But, to be fair I started to get a little teary-eyed as well.

Reading the vows has made everything feel surreal, for the both of us. It’s like everything we least expected to happen is happening! It’s a scary, yet exciting realization.

In other news…

A long time friend of mine, SW, was married this past Saturday. Good thing it was an indoor ceremony and reception, cause Saturday’s weather was crap-tacular! I honestly felt SW was never going to marry; not because of his looks or personality – he just seemed… too picky. Needless to say, I was shocked when he told me he was engaged last November and now he’s a married man!

We have a new member at the RSC:

Story has arrived; I’ve linked the birth story, but the short story (no pun intended) is: Brooke’s water broke on Thursday evening, went to the hospital, learned the baby was breech and a c-section was performed. If you’re interested (and who doesn’t love looking at new born babies), Brooke has posted a few pictures. And yes, if you’re wondering, learning of Story’s arrival has ignited that want for another “bun in the oven”. I’ve expressed my urge to Greg and proposed why we should have baby #2 sooner than we originally ‘planned’… but, Greg being the typical guy… just nodded and pretended he was listening and then added “it would be best if we waited until we’re more financially stable.” I, personally, feel this is every guy’s cop-out.

Amelia is somewhat going through potty training! We’re not in full mode due to Amelia’s lack of (strong) interest; right now, it’s kind of like a game for her. I believe she enjoys the extra attention when she goes pee pee in the potty, but it’s only on her terms (meaning, if she’s really into something, like drawing, she won’t stop to go potty). But, given the current rate of interest, I feel that Amelia might be potty train by her 2nd birthday!

That’s all, folks!


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