“Ding Dong”

“Ding Dong” is the new “trick or treat”

Amelia picked up the concept of trick or treating rather quickly; she also noticed that when I pushed the doorbell and the “Ding dong” was sounded, people came to the door. So, she figured that if she said “Ding Dong” people would come to the door and let her pick out goodies.

Clever little girl.

Amelia was suppose to wear this:

But my grandma, Amelia’s Gigi, insisted she wear this:

because the lion outfit was too warm.


My Halloween was nice. I left work around 1pm, picked up Amelia and headed over to the local mall and met a fellow message board friend. She’s new to the area, as well as a newlywed. We hung out for about 2.5 hours walking around the entire mall just chatting and all that jazz.

Then, it was time to head down to GiGi’s. I have forgotten how horrible traffic is in the Annapolis and points south area. The area is going through a development phase (as it has been for nearly 10 year), with all kinds of new businesses and homes, but no one has expanded the roads. There are still a lot of single lane roads and there is definitely too many cars for those roads. So, what would normally takes about 30 minutes ended up taking over an hour in travel time.

When we arrived my grandma was overly joyed and running up to the car and giving hugs and saying “my babies are here!” and all that stuff. It was funny, but nice. When we got inside Grandma had a huge bag of clothes for Amelia (and a few things for me….). And, of course we had to play dress up with Amelia. Thankfully, Amelia was in a good mood and tolerated the dress up well. That, and she loved going through GiGi’s old jewelery boxes.

Shortly after we arrived we headed out to dinner, just us girls. We went to a local pizza place and had some wings and a pizza and then it was off for some trick or treating!

we only had one minor melt down:

Amelia tripped while running and had a nice crying fit. But, she’s a tropper and didn’t want to stop trick or treating.

We ended up going to a handful of houses (mostly my grandma’s friends so she could show Amelia off); it was getting late and well past Amelia’s bedtime.

I made it home a little after 8pm and Amelia slept the entire drive. Greg was so kind to meet me outside so he could carry Amelia up while I carried in the other things.

So, that was Amelia’s first trick or treating in a (chocolate covered) nut shell.


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