Keeping up

So, I believe I was … promoted… to full time correspondence rather than temporary. Which means I need to talk to the manager to talk details (like a pay raise).

I’m rather impressed with myself at how much I’ve been able to bring everything current in the last two weeks. The previous correspondence lady, who was a good friend, was soo far behind! There was so much to bring to current, I was feeling like I would never get caught up. It was like as soon as I started to get ahead, I would slide back with that days incoming requests and mail! But, like I said, things are 97% current. The next hurtle is scanning all the ‘snail mail’ items, label, file, and then archive; that task alone will probably take a full week to complete!

We have new neighbors! They moved into the unit directly below us. It’s great because we haven’t turned on our heat for the past week due to their heat rising into our unit. Even Amelia’s room, which is usually a little chillier than the rest of the condo, has been nice and warm!

Greg and I were briefly talking about attire for the cruise. I was telling him that I don’t really need anything more than a few shirts (and some new undergarments) because I already have 2 dresses, a skirt (or two if I decide to bring my black one) and 3 pairs of shorts/skorts. That’s at least 5 outfits right there! But, Greg does need some new clothes, especially pants. Greg has been loosing weight, slowly, since we’ve moved in together. He’s lost a little over 25lbs and kept it off, so all his clothing from last year is too big!

I’m going to stop here and end the post with the following clip

I am way too easily distracted and entertained.


2 thoughts on “Keeping up

  1. Thanks.

    Glad you liked the clip; so did Greg. Good to know I’m not the only one that is easily entertained!

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