3 weeks and counting

That’s right!

Three weeks until Thanksgiving!

What are your plans?

My Grandma, Amelia and Olivia’s “GiGi”, is hosting again (which… we wish she wern’t only because her house isn’t large nor toddler proof).  Last year’s Thanksgiving wasn’t so much because Amelia was only 10 months old, and Olivia was 3.5 months… pretty easy to handle. This year is going to be completely different.

Greg and I had appointments today with a dermatologist. Yeah, we went in together. I have psoriasis/eczema and my boo-boo is acting up again. Greg just has a boo-boo. Greg’s boo-boo is a simple procedure to remove; mine requires a surgeon. Figures. But, I am happy that the doc gave me 2 prescriptions for the psoriasis/eczema so by the time the cruise rolls around, my feet will be all pretty and “normal” looking (my feet are where I am mostly affected). I was content with the visit. Greg was not and doesn’t plan on returning. He’s so gosh darn picky about his physicians and their office appearance (which is what he’s judging his like or dislike on). I argued that he didn’t like his first visit with his PCP but he’s returned 4 more times – to which he replied “yeah, and I’m surprised that I did”. He can be such a hypocrit sometimes.

Babysitter informed us that she’s taking the week of Thanksgiving off, which means my Mom will be watching Amelia since Greg and I can not take any time off (we have the time available, just saving it for the cruise). I have a feeling the Babysitter is going to do the same for the week of Christmas.

5 weeks until my company’s Holiday Party! My supervisor and I are excited about the dinner cruise in Baltimore. Greg and I talked about taking one together many times (even within weeks of meeting each other), but the cost was never in our budget. Recently, Greg told me he was thinking of celebrating my 30th birthday, along with close friends and family, on a dinner cruise but then thought if we were going to do that, we might as well make it a wedding reception (which would be cool – celebrate our marriage AND my 30th birthday all in one).

Speaking of cruises, I checked NCL’s site today to see what the current rate is for our cruise and it went UP $30!! Right now, we’re saving as much as $70/pp. My brother got a better deal than me because he used a travel agent (he has a subscription with http://www.cheaptrips.com or something like that); he booked a balcony and a stateroom for about $2K total!

I’m tired and heading to bed.

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