Good Friday

Today was a very good day!

I am 100% caught up with the correspondence. That is a relief!

Greg and I received something amazing that has alleviated all financial stress for the upcoming cruise, holidays, birthdays, and wedding. It’s a new credit card with a $5k limit. Yes, putting everything on the credit card isn’t the greatest idea; but it has a very low APR and we plan on transferring balances from our higher APR cards (and closing them out) onto the low APR in hopes of saving on payments and paying off debt sooner. Our plan of action is using the new credit card for the cruise (mainly) – we’re happy that we’re going to be able to really enjoy ourselves without worrying about going over our budget (which was going to be about $300 – including everything; excursions, tips, specialty restaurants, etc). After the cruise, we’re going to use our tax refund to pay off (or down) the credit card (which would also have the transferred balances from the higher APR cards). Also, Greg and I are planning out our paychecks and what we’re going to pay leading up to the cruise. If our calculations are correct, by the time we leave (which will also be a payday), we will have one whole check (well, 2 if you’re counting our individual employees) where we won’t have anything to pay (as everything for that month will already be paid for)! So, the money from the “free” paycheck is going to be our on-board credit (we’re going to put cash, about $300, on the account), anything we use over the initial deposit will go onto the new credit card. On paper, it looks like a good idea. We’ve given this a lot of though, let’s just hope it all works out.

Amelia has a cold. She’s hardly eating anything and what she does eat is cold; she will not eat anything warm (like oatmeal). Weird, but at least she does eat.

I can’t wait to go shopping. I am so looking forward to shopping, which is weird. But, what I am looking forward to is shopping for Greg’s new wardrobe! I love shopping for men’s clothes; I don’t know why because I hate shopping for myself.

Greg has started to hint about my Christmas  and Birthday gifts! As if the cruise isn’t enough to be excited about, he’s adding this! I don’t know how he could top last Christmas, after all he bought me my lovely lap top, in my favorite color, AND asked me to marry him!

I think I’ve been random enough on my good Friday.

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