Random Stuff Part I

“Hey luuk! Yuoo’fe-a gut unuzeer intry tu reed!”

That’s Swedish Chef for: Hey look! You’ve got another entry to read!

Greg and I grew up on The Muppet’s and Sesame Street (rather than Disney) and the Swedish Chef is Greg’s all time favorite character. I’ve been searching through eBay to find something Swedish Chef related for Greg (and doesn’t include Disney’s signature “hidden mickey” on it) and, surprisingly, it’s not a popular item. I’ll more than likely end up getting the plush figure and the DVD’s, but I was hoping to find a little something more. BUt, then again, I have a little time on my side (though not much).

Oh, and here’s the site that does Swedish Chef translation; if any of ya’ll were interested.

My ‘florist’ sent me the pictures of my bouquet!!

She asked me what color ribbon I wanted and, of course, feedback. I don’t know… It almost needs a little something more… maybe yellow/white roses… fill the body a little more. But, I will say, I am impressed at how REAL the flowers look!!! I’ve emailed my ‘florist’ about adding more roses and a few other questions. Can’t wait to hear back from her!

This year, for the holidays, I am participating in two Secret Santa Exchanges! One on the wedding boards and the other on the mommy boards. I’m excited. on the wedding board, I was paired up with someone that is almost my date twin on both wedding days and birthdays! Freaky. And on the mommy board, i was paired up with a little boy that is Amelia’s date twin!

Today was pretty low key; ran over to Costco for a few things and then came home. Amelia’s cold gives her some mood swings and by late afternoon she was pretty irritable. Oh, and gas prices were as low as $1.99/gallon! I haven’t seen gas that low since May 2005 (I actually remember when I filled a tank of gas for $1.98/gal in May 05; I remember the location and date as well. I have no idea why I remember this, but I do).

Tomorrow we’re going to go to a few parks to get more pictures of the Fall scenery. Man, I love the Fall colors. This is the whole reason why I wanted to be married in the Fall.  We’re just hoping the weather will cooperate.

Ok, is anyone else weirded, a little, about the weather we’re having for November? It was hot today. It was hot in the condo and we haven’t turned on our heat in nearly 2 weeks (electric bill was less than $120 this month!).. when is the Fall weather going to kick in? I remember, not too long ago (ok, it was nearly 20 years ago), that we had snow on Thanksgiving! Oh, how I wish for those days.

So, Amelia is actually getting excited about Christmas! She doesn’t know about Santa and all the other characters, but she knows about Christmas Trees. While we were walking through Costco, Amelia was commenting on how pretty the tree’s on display were. So, I was asking Amelia is she was excited about our Christmas Tree and she said yes, and then I asked if she was going to help Daddy and me decorate the tree this year and she said yes and the lady that was standing by, obviously over listening, went “aawwww…. she’s so precious”.

Have I mentioned that Greg and I have talked about getting a kitty when we return from the cruise? We feel Amelia is mature enough (for a 2 yr old) to have a pet and know how to treat said pet. Plus, Greg and I really want a kitty.

I’ve got more, but I need to save it for future posts…

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