Short and Sweet

  • Had lunch with Mom and step-dad today; twas nice
  • have loads of fog; tis cool
  • had 5 car “accidents” in the same spot in the last 36 hours (I repeat – people drive too fast on wet roads that have a sharp turn)
  • work = totally caught up and then some! w00t
  • have a shit load of eBay items to list for step-dad (reason we had lunch – to discuss said eBay listings)
  • so freaking tired
  • Greg has to go into work tomorrow morning
  • Get to buy Amelia a Christmas dress this weekend
  • Going to have Christmas pictures taken next weekend with Olivia (going to be soooo cute!)
  • Brother and friends are not going to be joining us on the cruise – too much drama to list at the moment
  • Brother also fractured his wrist over the weekend
  • He tripped over the dog and fell down the flight of stairs
  • Sadly, he was too drunk to notice until the next morning
  • Teaching Amelia the words to “Jingle Bells”
  • Sad thing is, I’ve forgotten some of the lyrics!

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’m embarrassed to say that I am getting off the computer (no more Etsy, no more eBay, no more message boards, no more Secret Santa shopping) and getting my ass in bed (and maybe play a little DS).


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