Not that kinda of quickie… get yer mind outta the gutter!

Extremely tired; have more sales to post on eBay (my motivation is the 10% commission of the final sale – hello cruise money); and… just stuff to do. Sorta.

So, my luggage was suppose to arrive today (quick shipping!) but there was, according to UPS’ website, ” 11/18/2008     1:45 A.M. EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS’ CONTROL” status, so I asked Greg to call UPS (since the luggage is being shipped to his office) and inquire. Well, he didn’t have to call. When a UPS employee stopped by for the final pick-up, it was learned that there was a mercury spill at the distribution center and it caused the center to pretty much ‘cease all activity’. So, long story short – everything was hella backed up at the UPS  house and the luggage will be here tomorrow!!

My cousin was able to get an appointment for Christmas photos for Saturday EVENING!! So, to kill time we’re going to go to the mall and Amelia is going to meet Santa Claus for the first time. I’ve been trying to get her interested in Santa Claus for the past day or so; she could care less. She’s more excited about seeing Olivia and MiMaw. My debate is whether I want to dress Amelia up for Santa or not, because we’re going to have dinner after Santa but before Christmas pictures.

I am finding it somewhat difficult to post each day. I didn’t realize how difficult of a challenge this would be! I mean, if you look at all the posts I did during 2007, one would think I wouldn’t have a problem meeting the quota; but, I guess I have less “drama” going on in my life. Ha!

So, we had snow flurries today! I was excited.

I had lunch with Michele today. It was awesome to see her again; we’re going to try and make this a regular thing. We did some wedding talk (hers, not mine) and I’ve volunteered to help her find a reception in the DC area. Also, she informed me that as soon as my wedding is over, she’s going to dump a lot of stuff on me. I’m so loved.

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