I’ve received one quirky compliment and one … hmmm, what’s the word… encouraging comes to mind but I don’t think it’s the one I’m looking for… this week.

The quirky compliment came from my co-worker, “John”:

“Hey Jess, you’re a “geekchic” person, have you seen…”

Yep, he called me “geekchic”,  and I took it as a compliment. And, I owe it all to Greg (sorta). When I mentioned this to Greg he replied “I prefer the word nerd”. Hmm… thanks.

The second compliment came from a stranger (and hearsay from the babysitter). Today, the babysitter went to her cellphone provider to talk about her phone (she put it in the washer earlier this week). Well, the wait time, in the store, was horrendous! She stated she arrived aroun 1:30 and didn’t leave until close to 5pm – and she still doesn’t have a phone. Anyway, during that time there were a lot of other customers waiting to be seen and one of them was a pre-school teacher. The pre-school teacher asked/commented to the babysitter, referring to Amelia and how much she was talking: “She’s so cute! How old is she, 2.5 – 3 years old?” and the babysitter responded with: “No. Actually, she’s only 22 mos” and the babysitter told me the reaction from the pre-school teacher was a show of surprise.  So… yep, Greg and I seem to be doing something right with the raising of our daughter. But, to be honest, sometimes I forget Amelia isn’t 2 years old yet; I swear she talks just as good as any kid twice her age (or older).  And she’s so polite; always saying “tanks” and “peas” and … well… you’d need to meet her in person to see how amazing she is.

So, the last few posts have been “scheduled” releases. I’m digging this ability; it’s come in handy.


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