Weekend Quickie

I am feeling way too lazy to go into detail about this weekends events (including the pictures I have that are still on the camera), so I’ll just give the simple story:


We all slept in; even Amelia! Oh, and I count getting up at 8am as sleeping in. We weren’t due to meet at the mall until 3:30pm, so Greg ran out to do a few errands while I packed up Amelia’s clothes and started some laundry. Eventually Greg returns with a late breakfast from McD’s (love their fruit and walnut salad – so does Amelia) and then we’re on the round around noon. First we stop by Greg’s Mom’s place of employment to pay a short visit and talk about Thanksgiving plans (still don’t know what we’re doing with Greg’s side of the family in regard to dinner) and just chit-chat for about 15-20 min. Around 1pm we make our way down to Waldorf. We were expecting traffic. There was none! And we were at the mall within 45 minutes. I tried calling my Mom to see what she was up to and to let her know we’re early but she never answered the phone. So, I napped in the car (along with Amelia which is the real reason we didn’t go in the mall). Finally, it’s about 3pm so we head inside and change Amelia for her visit with Santa. It turns out Mom was at the mall the entire time! Figures.

Amelia met Santa and didn’t fuss or anything! We were surprised. Her picture, on the other hand… somewhat entertaining. I’ll have to take a picture of it and post later (since I don’t have a scanner). Once Santa was over, the girls  – those being April, Mom, and I –  did a little shopping while the boys – those being Greg and Clayton –  took the kids to a restaurant to get us a table. It was a nice break.

Dinner was uneventful. Greg decided to treat everyone and paid the tab. Greg also get a little tipsy from restaurant quality (or lack of) sangria. I was just as surprised.

Finally, it was picture appointment time! We arrived about 10 min early and the place was PACKED. We knew we weren’t going to be seen at our appointed time (which kinda ticked me off a little). As a matter of fact we weren’t ‘seen’ until nearly an hour and a half AFTER our appointed time! I surprised the girls (Olivia and Amelia) made it that long, given the photos were taken after their normal bedtimes. And, as to be expected, the pictures were a little challenging to take. No major meltdowns though.  It was a little after 9pm by the time we all left.

Greg and I were home a little after 10 and pretty much went straight to bed (well, within an hour).


We woke up around 8:30ish and talked about what to do. Our original plans were to head over to Rehoboth Beach for outlet shopping. On a whem, Greg decides to go out for brunch so we get showered and ready to go. By the time brunch was over, Greg lost his motivation to drive all the way out to Delaware. I offer the suggestion of outlet shopping a little closer to home (such as Hagerstown or Queenstown) and he declines and we decide to continue as planned.

It took us a little over 2 hours to get to Rehoboth Beach! I don’t remember it taking that long the previous times (but, to be fair, I think I slept through the car ride as well). We did our traditional stop at Sonic’s for a few drinks (as we were still full from brunch).

Our first store was for Greg. We went to Causal Male and picked out nearly everything Greg will need, clothing-wise, for the cruise! He bought about 5 pants, 4 t-shirts, and 3 tropical shirts (all of which I picked out). He made out pretty good (in my opinion). While the guy was ringing up our stuff, we were chit chatting and talking about our up coming cruise and he was talking about his past cruises and stuff. Also, Greg and I decided to play a game and try to guess the total each time we visited a store. My guess for Greg’s clothes was $350, the actual total was $345! I was so close!

The second store was for me, Lane Bryant. The entire store was 40% off (except for bras and panties) and they had a huge clearance section. I bought 7 pairs of pants/capris (both for the cruise and work); 7 shits, a dress (for Greg’s company party and the cruise) and Greg picked out 2 pairs of panties. I guessed my total would be at least $250, but expecting it to be higher. I was wrong. The total came to $204! I was shocked!

By the time we finished shopping for clothes, it was about 3:45pm. We called Mom and Amelia to say hi and share our excitement about the amazing deals on the clothes. Once we were done chatting, we head over to another section of the outlets (there are three sections within a mile of each other) and search for shoes and I wanted to look for a purse/bag for the cruise. I noticed there was a Coach Outlet store so we stopped in. I did find a style of bag that I liked and would have bought, if it weren’t for $$$ – even on clearance.  Granted, Greg would have bought it for me if I really wanted it. But, I would rather spend the month on other things. So, we moved onto the Fossil store and I found a similar style bag there (something to also carry during the shore excursions and keep our passports in. And to think, Greg was going to wear a fannie-pack!!!) and while in the Fossil store, Greg bought himself a new watch, a watch for me and 2 more watches for gifts (his Mom and one of his brothers). After Fossil, we went to Sketchers. I found the shoes I wanted (and loved) but they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted!!! I used to wear a size 10 shoe; now I am a size 9!! They had a size 9.5 and it was too big and the 8.5 was too small. It was so weird. So, I settled for a similar shoe. Greg went shoe shopping at the Nike outlet about bought a new pair of sneakers and I found a pair of ‘dock shoes’ (cruise shoes).

Once we were finally done with the shopping we decided to have dinner. We were on the road to home by 7pm and didn’t arrive until a little after 9pm – this time due to slow ass drivers on the backroads.

That was the busy weekend we had. Lots of driving (a whole tank worth); lots of money spent; lots of good times.


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