mini check

  • eBay sales posted: √

  • sangria made and marinating: √

That’s all for my mini check!

Told ya it was mini!!

Greg’s Dad is driving into town tomorrow (eta: 3pm-ish). Don’t know all the details about the visit. What we do know is that he will be staying with us on Friday night and Saturday night. I dig that. And, I figure while he’s here he can help up set up and decorate our Christmas tree. I think it will be fun and neat to include him in the holiday process; plus I know Amelia will be uber excited to help too, and what first time granddad wouldn’t want to help decorate his granddaughter’s tree??

Speaking of Christmas – which is less than a month a way… w00t – I proposed an idea to Greg last night. My proposal was for he and I to exchange our Christmas gifts during the cruise, maybe the first night. That way we have more time and money to focus on the gifts for each other, later, while be able to focus on the gifts for our friends and family (read: not running around trying to do it all at once – shopping for Christmas, the cruise, Amelia’s birthday and possible birthday party, and our wedding). There is a lot going on between Christmas and the day we leave for our cruise.

Speaking of cruise, we received our cruise documents today! So excited; I so want to put the luggage tags on my (new) (red) luggage!!

Got a hankering for some Guitar Hero


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