Final Day

Yay! The NaBloPlo… err whatever it’s called… is over!

I know I kinda skipped out on the last few days… I was kinda busy!

So, we have 6 weeks and 2 days (I think) until we fly down to FL… woot woot

Christmas tree is mostly decorated. It was difficult to decorate because Amelia wanted to help and all she would do is take off what we put on. So, I thought that if I gave her the candy canes I wouldn’t have to worry about her breaking the glass bulbs or anything like that. Well, my theory was somewhat correct; Amelia did shift her focus from the bulbs to the candy canes, and she did try to put the candy canes on the tree, only to remove them again… then she realized the candy canes were edible. Uh oh… Amelia became attached to the candy canes; those things were like crack to her. She cried when we tried to take them away from her to give her a bath! And, as soon as the bath was over and she was dressed, she immediantly ran to the tree to get more candy canes only to learn we moved them. She was upset.

I have awesome online friends!


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