My Bouquet is Done!

About 15 minutes ago (at the time of this entry; 9:57pm), I received an email from my ‘flourist’ informing me the bouquet was done and asking for any final thoughts. I told her it’s perfect and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands! I’m hoping the colors are better in person than via pictures, because in my opinion the color is a little dull; but I’m not trying to judge without looking at the flowers myself.

Last Monday i received my ‘fun veil’ in the mail. Greg’s not too happy with it; he feels I am trying to get “free stuff” by showing off we’re getting married. I informed him that isn’t the sole reason of me wanting to wear a ‘fun veil’; I want to enjoy the trip to our wedding! I want to feel special and… I can’t describe it… but to stand out just a little (and in a good way). And, if we get a few perks (like a drink on the house at Houlihan’s, so be it – that wasn’t my intention), cool beans! However, I did ask Greg, hypothetically, if we were offered a drink, or a free upgrade to first class from the airline, due to me wearing the ‘fun veil’, would he decline the offer – as to be expected, his answer was “of course not!”…. just as I thought.

I need to start researching posses for our wedding pictures. I’ve kinda ‘back burnered’ this task and now I should start to focus on it. I’ve searched through Flickr and google images, and I plan on asking my message board friends on their suggestions, or what they have on their “must take” lists.

Speaking of message board friends, one friend gave me a copy of her CS2 and a load of actions from Totally Rad Actions (TRA). I am totally loving the action sets! I was up until 1am playing around with them. A group of us love them so much, we’re talking about combining our money to purchase a specific set from TRA and share amongst ourselves.

Anyone else notice there are 24 days until Christmas? Personally, I feel Christmas Eve is the highlight of Christmas; Christmas Day just isn’t as exciting – I am a total ‘anticipation junkie’, so in my book there are 23 days – which is a few days shy of 3 weeks! Squee!!!

And, what’s awesome is my company is closed Dec 24&25, and again Jan 1&2!! W00t!! December is going to FLY by!!


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