In Memory

Aunt Ellie - Mothers Day 2005

Aunt Ellie - Mother's Day 2005

Three years ago tonight, my Aunt Ellie passed away. I remember that week so clearly. It was also at that time that Greg and I’s friendship started to grow into something more; he called me every single night checking in on me, making sure I was OK and all that caring stuff. Who would have thought that a few months later a baby was on the way… and… by Thanksgiving of 2006, less than a year after Aunt Ellie passed, April and I were both pregnant (April didn’t know yet, and I had just found out about myself but didn’t tell anyone); My Mom said our pregnancies were ‘gifts’ from Aunt Ellie.

I miss Aunt Ellie; when I told my Mom I was pregnant, she picked up to phone to call her sister, Aunt Ellie, only to remember that she’s no longer here… I feel for April, she doesn’t get to share the joys of Olivia with her Mom like I get to share the joys of Amelia with my Mom… I don’t know what I would do without my Mom, especially now that Amelia is here – even more so when Amelia first arrived…

Missing you, Aunt Ellie!


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