Quick Note

It’s been kinda busy but not really; which equals: lazy.

I finally got my hair cut this past weekend; roughly 7-ish inches was cut off! With the slight curl that I have, my hair just touches my shoulders. I still don’t know how I am going to wear my hair.

Last night I bought this off eBay:

My Mom is pretty adamant that I wear a flower in my hair (at least) and that is a barrett/clip/comb (I think); so I’ll test it out and see how it works. Also, I’m thinking about ordering a few more in other shades of colors; curious as to how that will look.

Recently, as in earlier today/night, I realized I need, somewhat, a lot of things for the cruise; things I’ve never, personally, owned such as a hair dryer and curling iron (although my Mom feels I won’t need a curling iron).  I need to experiment with my hair and see if I can create something I like, or just suck it up and go to the salon aboard the ship. Debate, debate, debtate…

I’ve informed Greg that we are getting up at ‘work time’ so we can go to the mall on Saturday. Greg needs a new tie, specifically red, for his company party this Sunday, and I want to check out Sephora’s since they give a free ‘make over’ or what-have-you. Earlier in the month when I met with the message board chicks, one of them had  Sephora bag and I asked about their products and all that jazz and the chick gave a good review and I figure I might as well give it a try; also, I am hoping that due to the Holiday’s Sephora’s products will be on sale and has some nice promo’s.

Also, in my recent realization, we have roughly 30 days until we board a plane to Florida. Wow. 30 days. It’s so hard to believe that this trip is finally – almost – here! And Greg and I trying to figure out when, between now and Jan 17, we’re going to get the last minute stuff done: the manicures and pedicures (yes, Greg is getting one too); possible hair appointment, shopping – still need spcific shoes, and, I think, a few more articles of clothes – , packing, stopping mail delivery (even though I’ve told Greg to submit the mail request for the last 2 weeks); making sure we’re not going to miss anything in regard to the bills while we’re gone; create our check list to make sure we don’t forget a single thing (probably one of the most important tasks to do at this moment). I am still hunting for wedding photo ‘must haves’  – not finding anything that suites my style or taste (I didn’t realize how picky I was), so I’ve been coming up with some of my own ideas, curious to see how that goes.

Oh, and just to note, I bought a pair of Spanx over the weekend. I bought a size smaller than what was recommended on the sizing chart and I’m thinking I need to go another size smaller; while the current size is surprisingly comfortable and is sqeezing in all the right places, it doesn’t feel like it’s living up to its expectations… like, I don’t think I should feel as comfortable as I do while I am wearing them (“no pain, no gain”). But, then again, a part of me really doens’t care!

Again, going to bed after midnight… so much for my inner vow of going to bed early!


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