Weekend Review

Saturday started off slow, but really good. Greg and I got up a little after 8am and were at the Mall by 9am. Perfect. We found an amazing parking spot and the mall was practically empty!! We had a plan and we mostly followed it. Our first (non-scheduled) stop was at Today’s Pet to look at the cute puppies and other creatures. Greg and I are going to get a kitten when we return from the cruise and I can’t wait. Moving on,  I found Sephora and it was decided to split (because I know Greg and Amelia don’t want to hang out in a make-up store) and meet up in about 20 mins. I probably would have had a better time, in reference to gaining more knowledge and skills, had the make-up artist was in at the time I was there. The sales lady did tell me that the make-up artist would be in at 2 and 6pm – I passed;  no way in hell was I going to come back at that time. So, I asked for some guidance and was able to pick up a few things:



I bought a Laura Mercier Flawless Face Face Kit, which I am really enjoying (surprisingly); the products are not heavy or greasy. Plus, I am digging the tinted moisturizer.

For the eyes

For the eyes

In addition to the Flawless Face kit, I bought Sephora’s brand eyeshadow. I like how blend-able the product is and the little bits of sparkles.

For free I received:

for the cheeks

for the cheeks


Kissable lips


and something else that I am not able to find on the site. I felt I did pretty good and Greg likes the results with everything applied to the face.

While I was shopping at Sephora, Greg took Mimi to a few stores. One store was the Disney Store and was expecting Mimi to just run around taking things off the shelves and what not. But, no. Amelia, apparently, was perfect! Once she was done looking at a particular item, she would say “all done, time to put it back” and do so. Greg said that she did so well, he had to buy her something and bought her a Goofy doll.

Once Greg and I met up we headed over to Casual Male and I found the tie I want Greg to wear and he found another “Guy Fieri” shirt for the cruise and we had a $20 coupon to use towards our sale (which came in handy).

After  buying Greg’s shirt and tie we decided to leave, but before leaving we had to ride the Carousel, to which Mimi enjoyed. We decided to have lunch at Hoolihan’s (dubbed as “our” restaurant) and was, again, blown away by Mimi’s perfect behaviour! She even ate 2/3rd’s of her corn dog – a full size corndog!! She loved Greg’s dessert – which I can’t remember the name of, but it had yummy chocolate ganache – but, so did I!

Mimi fell asleep as soon as we pulled into the parking lot; sadly, her nap was short lived (about an hour). The rest of the day/night was spent watching tv, decorating our balcony, and cleaning/doing laundry.

Sunday will be posted later.


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