Merry Christmas

Just a quick note.

Things have been incredibly stressful and …. just stressful.

Greg’s Grandma (his Mom’s Mom) passed away yesterday. Greg and I are paying for his Mom’s plane ticket out to Colorado to attend the funeral. She leaves tomorrow evening. Since we bought her ticket, we have to print the boarding pass and give it to her tonight (something about the credit card being in our name and not hers…) well, Greg and I don’t have a printer, nor does his Mom. And, Greg doesn’t have the key to get in his office to print the pass. Oh, and to add to the stress the boarding pass cant be printed until 6:30pm tonight or later.

So, as I type Greg is on his way to Best Buy for the second time today to buy a printer for us. Yep, we bought a printer just to print a boarding pass.

Our plan for the holiday is to stop by his Mom’s tonight (and Mimi is with my Mom) to give her the boarding pass and exchange gifts (I think) and then we’re going to head down to my Mom’s. Unfortunately, we won’t be arriving at my Mom’s until 10pm or so.

So, right now I have clothes in the washer and dryer and I’ve started some cleaning. I should be wrapping presents since we don’t have a single item wrapped, but I will get to that in a minute.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and I will try to post an update within the next 4 days.


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