Christmas 2008

Ours was nice; small and quiet.

Christmas Eve was a little stressful, as previously mentioned. We did get just about all the presents wrapped (ran out of paper) and Greg found a printer good enough to keep AND nicely priced (Canon Pixma).

So, lets get to the details shall we>

Christmas Eve:

Greg and I didn’t leave home until 8pm – way behind schedule. We stopped at Greg’s Mom first and hung out for an hour or so. Greg’s middle brother, Pat, was home and it was nice to catch-up with him. Greg and I also brought our gifts for his side of the family for them to open. Everyone loved their new quilts and duvet covers from Ikea.

As mentioned, we bought Greg’s Mom a one way plane ticket and she left for Colorado on Christmas Day, hense the reason we visited on Christmas Eve. To date, we know she’s on her way home – we spoke with her on Sunday and she had left that morning. She’s driving all the way back!

We left around 9pm and headed south to my Mom’s. We didn’t arrive until 11:45pm. I stayed up to finish wrapping presents while Greg went to bed.

Christmas Day:

Rough night of sleep; don’t like sleeping on an air mattress with Mr. RollsOverAlot. I believe we woke up around 7am-ish. We debated on waiting for my brother, but given his lack of punctuality we sorta waited; we let Amelia open her presents:

Christmas was good to us; Amelia received an easel set (still in Greg’s car) and accessories; a vanity set; lots of new stuffed animals (penguin, polar bear, mouse, bear, etc); toy pots and pans; toy food. Greg received a nice airplane book from my parents; a radio scanner and book of codes; a photography book (understanding exposure); DS Game: Personal Cooking (which is really neat); and lounge pants from my Grandma. I received a journey pendant; calendar (family tradition); DS Game; a couple of nice photo frames; a really nice Hallmark photo album;  Sealab 2021 – seasons 1 and 2; and Dark Knight on DVD. Greg also bought me (more of a wedding present than Christmas present) a new lens! It’s a 55-250mm lens, it takes great close up pictures (and all the pictures I’m posting were taken with the new lens – well, all but one); can’t wait to see how well it does during the cruise – hello food porn!

Mom cooked a nice breakfast for everyone:

and after breakfast we just chilled. Van left to get my Mom’s gift, which was at the ‘shop’. Mom hadn’t seen Dark Knight so we put that in and then watched a few Sealab 2021 episodes. After a while we decided to go outside and give Lucy a carrot. Amelia is fearless with this horse!

After a walk through the yard we went inside and hung out some more; Sean and Greg were glued to the TV

A little while later Van arrived with Mom’s big gift and needed Sean and Greg’s help bringing it in

See that big mass of blue tarp? That’s Mom’s gift. Mom and I watched from the window and tried to guess what it could be; we joked that it was some type of equipment, like a new industrial ice maker or something outrageous like that. Boy was my Mom surprised to see, as Van was removing the layers upon layers of tarp, that it was an upright Piano! My Mom, literally, was jumping up and down screaming with joy! My Mom has been wanting a ‘real’ piano for as long as I can remember and was over the moon with excitement; probably the best surprise she’s ever received (of course, not including when I told her I was pregnant). Mom immediately began clearing a space for the piano and then the boys started to bring it in. Amelia instantly fell in love with the instrument and did not want to part from it:

Greg had to work the day after Christmas, but I didn’t!! So, we left Mom’s at 6:30 and made our way home. Amelia slept on the way hope and didn’t fight too much once we were home. Greg and I stayed up pretty late and then went to bed.

Day After Christmas

While Greg was at work, I drove down to visit my Grandma (also known as GiGi) before she left for Florida (she and her husband, “uncle george” are snowbirds) for three whole months! I arrived before my cousin so we did our little gift exchange and I showed Grandma my bouquet and played ‘dollies’ with Amelia:

April and Olivia arrived and Amelia had to help Olivia open her present:

The rest of the day was spent chatting and … that’s all.

April did bring my copy of the CD with the Christmas pictures and this one is my favorite:

I wish we ordered some of these; but for some reason Greg really fell in love with this picture:

and that’s what we ordered (as well as our family picture – but I didn’t like how any of those turned out so I’m not going to bother posting them)

Saturday (second day after Christmas)

Greg and I didn’t do a damn thing and loved it!

Sunday (third day after Christmas)

Greg and I had to do some serious cleaning because Greg’s brothers were coming over to visit for a little while. I should have taken before and after pictures of the living room, cause it was a mess (and that’s an understatment!).

But, we did it and all was well. Greg’s brothers, Pat and Ken, came over and played on the Wii for hours as well as talked and all that jazz.

Funny story! Before Greg’s brothers arrived and while Greg was cleaning, Greg was watching Top Gear (his favorite show on the BBC channel) and was laughing hystarically. Due to Greg’s laughter, Amelia runs up to Daddy and gives him a big kiss and hug:

and tells Greg that everything’s going to be OK, and he’ll be alright (she thought Greg was crying!). It was so cute!

Whew! That took a lot of work! It’s been ages since I’ve done a photo heavy post!

Amelia turns 2 years old in exactly 2 weeks!! Three weeks from today I will be somewhere close to the Cayman Islands. It still hasn’t set in with how close we are to this trip; even though I have 11 workings day to go!

Well, it’s late (as usual) and I’m heading to bed. I am so thankful I have Thursday and Friday off (again) this week!!


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