While the Cats away…

… the mice will play.


Greg and Amelia are ‘at work’ (Amelia is at the babysitters and Greg really is at work) and I have the day off (getting used to these 4 day weekends). What am I doing with a whole day to myself? Well, glad you asked:

  1. Get car emissions done (no go – apparently the state is closed; will try again tomorrow)
  2. clean and vacuum car √
  3. find water shoes(socks) √
  4. stop at the pharmacy √
  5. run to Target for Internet birthday club gift exchange (for Amelia) √
  6. laundry – in progress
  7. clean kitchen √

there are other items to add to the list that Greg and I will work on together (packing list, double check the packing list, start packing, etc) when he gets home (hopefully soon).

By the way, all the tasks that required me to run around town were completed in less than 3 hours! Awesome! And, the farthest I drove was to the pharmacy; basically, I did it all by driving 8 miles. W00t for living in the ‘city’.

It still hasn’t sunk in that Greg and I will be leaving in 2 weeks for the cruise; I just don’t feel excited yet. Well, I do in the sense that it’s two weeks away, but not in the sense that I’m going on a cruise. Greg and I still don’t know what we’re doing for Amelia’s 2nd Birthday, and we have the wedding shower next weekend (as well as my company holiday party). It’s like I’m too busy to be excited.

Also, it doesn’t help that Greg has officially gone into ‘bitch mode’. He’s warned me about how controlling and anal about travel related things he gets; I didn’t see much of it when we flew to Michigan, but it’s definitely coming out now. I don’t know if I deal with him and ‘bitch mode’ for the next two weeks… this might be a challenge.

Speaking of the cruise, Greg booked our one and only shore excursion for the trip. This is what we’re going to do while at Cozumel, Mexico at the beautiful Chankanaab National Park:

  • explore the botanical gardens
  • befriend an iguana or two
  • Play with some dolphins by: Belly ride; Handshake; Dolphin kiss; Dolphin song; Touch the dolphin
  • and, do some snorkeling

I think I am most excited about snorkeling in beautiful blue waters (and breaking in my underwater camera housing unit).  Ok, Ok… I just became a little bit excited thinking about the snorkeling….

To distract my mind, I’m going over the 8 excel spreadsheets Greg just sent me over email; and I’m not exaggerating by saying there are 8.  We have a lot of planning to do before we leave…

Well, I’m off to fix some lunch….


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