It just dawned on me that it’s Thursday night.

(yeah, so?)

Umm… where did Tuesday go?

This week went by way faster than I was expecting; I barley remember Monday!

(Private Practice is a hot topic tonight: Childhood Vaccinations)

I totally wasn’t expecting this week to go as fast as it did; I even did overtime twice this week! Greg and I are not really ready for next week (albeit it’s going to be a short work week for the both of us); neither of us can’t believe we’re actually leaving for our awesome vacation at the end of next week (aka: next weekend); you’re probably thinking “Well, you do have this weekend to get everything done”… mmm… not really:

  • Friday night (tomorrow) we’re heading over to Greg’s Mom’s cause we pretty much missed spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with her
  • Saturday is the wedding shower AND company party
  • Sunday we’re celebrating Amelia’s 2nd Birthday

somewhere between those events, I have to:

  • get my nails done – it’s been 3 weeks and they’re too long for my liking as well as in need of a new coat of paint
  • find a new camera bag (returned the other one because I didn’t like it)
  • do some clothes shopping because Greg left a uni-ball pen in his pants that made it to the dryer and some of my clothes were ruined (of course his clothes were not)
  • even though most of my cruise clothes are packed, I want to re-wash them cause they’ve been in the suitcase since November (seriously)
  • Greg and I want to get pedicures (yes, together)
  • and I still have to figure out how I want my hair to look (yes, still)

(I’m not even going to comment about the ending of Private Practice as I am in support of Childhood Vaccinations – and the ending is why; a preventable disease was not prevented by a routine vaccination)

I’ve been distracted and lost my train of thought…

Oh, so I head a really bazaar dream last night; I went to a doctor and learned that I was pregnant – a good couple of months along – and that there were three babies in me; one very healthy looking and normal, and the other two – well, not healthy or normal looking. And, actually, I believe in the dream one of the other babies was dead. Thankfully, the dream was short (or I don’t remember much). However, I’m late and now a little paranoid (again).

Ok, all week I’ve been telling myself that I will go to bed early and all week I’ve been going to bed between 12:30-1:00am. and, on that note  … I am heading to the bedroom


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