Last Post… Maybe

Things didn’t go as planned today, sorta. My cold, the nasty… biotich, is still going strong. I’ve been doing the Zycam thing (the non-qtip-up-ones-nose version) since 1pm yesterday… I don’t even think it’s working, but whateve – bought the damn things, might as well eat em.

Mom’s car was finished this morning, but wasn’t running right. She still made the drive, but we met somewhere in the middle (but closer to us) and Greg and I decided to treat Mom to lunch. I would like to say lunch was nice (food wise) but I couldn’t taste a damn thing! Apparently, the item I ordered was so good Greg didn’t even want his anymore!

I nearly burst into tears this morning due to frustration about this cold. I am so afraid that I will not be able to enjoy one of the most exciting parts of this trip: trying new foods, because of this damn cold. My fear is that my nose will be so stuffy that I won’t be able to taste anything. I am really, really hoping that when we reach FL, the air and stuff down there will clear everything out for me. But, I still feel like crying over the whole mess that I am in.

All of our main luggage is packed. Can you believe that Greg had to pack some of his clothes into my luggage because his suitcase was borderline on being over weight?! I find it very humorous that Greg is packing more stuff than me! Isn’t it, typically, the other way around?

So, with Mom at her home, Greg and I had to find other means of transportation to the airport. Hooray for the brother! His only complaint was that he can’t have ‘a good time’ tonight. Yeah, I told him he needs to save his money because my 30th birthday is right around the corner (in a joking manor, of course).

well, I am beat. I had a horrible night of sleep (was up until 3:30am) and when I tried to nap today, everyone and their great-grandmother was calling me. And now, Greg wants me to cook dinner. We’ll see about that.

So, I might be able to finish more blogging tonight, or I might call it a night and pack up the laptop – who knows.

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