Things are slowly starting to change to ‘married life’…

Greg and I have been married a week, so far, and… oddly… I haven’t really thought about it much. Yet, the few times that I have, it blows my mind. Greg and I are married; I’ve been married twice in a 5 year span – and before I turned 30 (5 days to go!); Damn!

This was my second day back at work… and I am drowning! I can not catch-up one bit and it’s starting to infuriate me; I feel like I am sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs with the lack of work I am completing. Although, I am (slightly) enjoying the attention that I am receiving with everyone asking how the trip was and wanting to see pictures – to which I have been unbelievably lazy at uploading.

Anyway, back to changes…

Greg and I have begun the paper work of changing; I canceled my car insurance and went onto his plan and we’re saving nearly $100 a month; that eliminated an entire bill! Greg is canceling his health insurance through his company and is coming over to my policy and that’s going to save roughly $60 a month; on Friday I am going to go to MVA and Social Security Administration to do the name change things, and, if I have time, go to the bank.

Whew! I forgot how much paperwork goes into changing ones name and other details; that’s probably why I waited nearly six months to all that with the last marriage.

My girlfriend, Michele, surprised me with a visit for lunch this afternoon. We caught up on some girly chit-chat (mostly about sex and all that fun stuff). Also, this weekend we’re going to go to her church and check things out and get an idea of where Greg and set up for photography. Did I mention Michele changed her wedding date to the end of March? Yeah, so it’s crunch time.

Greg has begun to ask what I want for my birthday, aside from the one item I’ve been asking since… gosh, forever… an iPhone. I told him I would love the bed we slept on during the cruise (it was the most comfortable bed evah), but if that is not possible, the pillows. I believe the pillows were those memory foam things – either way, they were awesome. Also, jewlery (always a given since I want to build a nice collection to pass down to Amelia). Otherwise, I don’t have much of a wish list. Traditionally, I will “want” one item – how ever long it takes to receive it – until I receive it. Lucky for Greg that I am a low-key and modest kinda gal – don’t expect lavish gifts or to be a ‘princess for a day’ kinda gal. I am quite content with a card and something delivered to my office for my birthday =).

Alright, I’ve lost my attention span for this post and I’m going to head to bed.

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