Weekend Events

Saturday was pretty busy. Amelia had her 2 year check up (finally) and I’m happy to report she’s perfectly healthy (according to the doc). She now weighs 27 pounds and is 33.5 inches tall; she’s gained a good bit of weight (thankfully) but she hasn’t really grown in height, or at least I don’t think she has; I will have to research her last check up details. I have to take her back in on Monday morning (my 30th birthday!!) as a follow-up to her TB shot. Greg is wondering if Amelia will give false positives as he and all his brothers do. Otherwise, after tomorrow, we don’t need to see the doc until Amelia is 3 years old (and there won’t be any shots)!

After Amelia’s check-up, we ran into wal-mart real quick to look into buying my birthday present, an iPhone!! Well, that was the plan until we learned wal-mart wanted $550 for the 8GB phone!! We were like… uh, no… and walked away. I was disappointed the phone coasted that much and confused at the same time because AT&T was selling the phone for $399 without a contract.  I wanted to stop by AT&T but we didn’t have time since we were meeting Michele at the church for a quick look at where everything is being held.

Once we finally made it to the Church (google gave us the wrong directions), we did the run through and Greg is slightly concerned about the lighting for the ceremony and reception. He’s decided to rent a top mount flash and 2 lenses to ensure Michele will have amazing pictures. Oh, and I am going to be the “head coordinator” for Michele’s wedding; meaning I am going to be the one that makes all the final decisions and all the vendors are going to come to me with any problems. I am a little nervous about this; fortunately, Michele only has one other vendor (aside from Greg) and that’s the DJ. Michele’s family is making the dinner for all of the guests!

After checking out the church we headed home. Once we were home I ran back out to AT&T to get my iPhone; I was determined! And, I was so relieved that the phone was only $399 without a contract! So, I bought the phone and then sat in my car for about 15 minutes just in awe of it’s… awesomeness. This phone is freaking neat! Once I had recovered from shell shock, I ran over to my brothers because he wanted to see the phone as well. I hung out for about a half hour and then went home. Greg is drooling with jealousy. He loves the iPhone just as much, if not a little more than me. He’s told me that he doesn’t want to get ‘attached’ to the phone because it’s not his. I told him to go ahead and get ‘attached’ because he’s getting one in June when I am eligible for renewal and then I can buy another phone at the discounted price.

Saturday night was, otherwise, uneventful. Greg and I watched TV and chatted for a little while. Later, he went to go play computer games and I went on an App shopping spree (though, all the apps I’ve downloaded have been free). This phone is way too addictive.

Sunday has been just as busy as Saturday. The morning didn’t start off well with Amelia throwing-up in her chair. She and I were scared! I didn’t know what was going on and she … poor girl, was just as scared. Amelia was shaking and started to cry. I felt so bad for her (as I tried to keep myself from puking as well). Eventually, she calmed down and I cleaned her up and we layed in bed for a few minutes. After a half hour, Amelia was back to her normal self. Later, we met my brother at Best Buy and he bought me a few accessories for the iPhone. One of which was a car charger (because this phone uses battery power live I’ve never seen before) and my brother didn’t listen to me when I told him we should buy the items that say “iPhone compatible” but did he listen… no, and the result is:

(on a side note; how freaking awesome is it that i can take screenshots on the phone?!)

So, I sent a text of the image and asked for the receipt and that I will go exchange the item for one that is meant for the iPhone.

After Best Buy, Greg and I ran over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to spend some gift card money (work threw a surprise wedding party for me on Friday and I received a pretty nice gift card to BB&B); Greg and I made out pretty good with the items we bought! New cooking pan, a toaster, some kitchen accessories/utensils, steak knives, etc. After BB&B we headed over to McDonald’s for lunch (Amelia kept saying she was hungry) and I took a few more pictures of her:

trying to ‘paint’ with her ketchup. After lunch we went to Costco to get some much needed groceries. We were home around 3:30, to which Greg and Amelia decided to take naps. I, on the other hand, started dinner (BBQ pork in the crock-pot) and started researching/learning more about the iPhone, and decided to write an update.

We don’t have any plans tonight, despite it being SuperBowl Sunday (I don’t care for football). I just hope Desperate Housewives is on tonight and is a new episode, though I doubt it.

I hear Amelia calling… time to go!


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