What an ending…

… to my day.

I had a dental appointment this evening at 6:30pm. I arrived early and was ‘taken’ early; my appointment was for a simple cavity filling (I swear, since pregnancy my teeth have gone to hell. I know this because back in 2003 I didn’t have a single cavity, and never had a cavity up until recently). Well, I should know by now that I never have a simple dental visit.

Ok, so at 6:30 I am sitting in the chair already numbed up. Around 7:00 the dentist finally tends to me. We do the usual chit chat and all that jazz. Then, it’s time for business. She starts to drill and I start to feel it. Hmm… guess the Novocaine started to wear off (because you took over a half hour to start treatment after the first series of injections) and we do round two of injections. Ok, things were progressing… then I start to feel the drill again. Time for round three of injections.

Around 7:45 I hear “Oh no. This doesn’t look good.” Turns out one cavity is pretty severe and the doc tells me a filling just won’t do. The doc talks to the front desk people to get an estimate of my out of pocket cost for a crown. $695. I tell her, while I am pro-dental care and all that jazz, it’s just too expensive right now and is more than I designated for my FSA this year. So the doc goes up to the front desk and works out a deal (basically, refunded the filling and applied what I had already paid – this is a ‘pay before treatment’ place ) and then my out of pocket is $370 or something along those lines. So, I paid half now and will pay half at the time of treatment (love my FSA pre-paid debit card).

So, there’s more drilling and prepping for the temporary crown… and a fourth round of shots. Oh, and the doc had to get two impressions because she wasn’t happy with the results from the first one.

On the other hand, I guess it’s a good thing to have a dentist who is very methodical about her work.

Needless to say, I am pretty exhausted from the dentist.

and the Novicane is wearing off.

Anyway, I make it home around 9pm (seriously) and I come inside and talk to Greg for a moment and then I go check on Mimi. As I am reviewing my mail, I see on a credit card statement that our pizza joint double charged me, so I call them and tell them the issue. The owner (shame on me for not getting his name) tells me he’d rather give me the cash and says he’ll call me back tomorrow, after I offered to fax over the credit card statement. Once I was off the phone with the pizza joint, I called the credit card company and tell them what happened and request to have my overdraft charge reversed (yes, I know… bad me for having a balance that close to my maximum. Believe me, I am working on it). After being placed on hold for about a minute, “Heidi” comes back and tells me the fee will be reversed.

As I was ending the call with “Heidi”, my grandma calls. So, I click over and Grandma asks if I was awake and I said yea and that I had just gotten home from the dentists. Then, Grandma tells me that “Donna”, my uncles girlfriend – I guess my pseudo-Aunt –  passed away this evening. Apprently, she bled to death due to her liver (she had cirrhosis). There is more to the story, but really no point in sharing the details. I told Grandma that I would tell the rest of the family so she doesn’t have to call everyone and say the same thing over and over (she was really upset and crying really hard in the phone). Unfortunately, everyone I called went to voicemail. And, I left a message about “Donna’s” death in the voicemail, despite how much I hated doing it.

So, yeah… that is how my last 4 hours were spent.


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