And it’s gone…

… well, almost.

I dawned on me this morning that the month of February is half way over.  To me, it still feels like I’m in the first week of the month, whereas we just completed the second week! Where did the time go?

Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Yay. I never really cared for Valentine’s Day. I feel it’s a useless holiday. The 4th of July is another holiday I don’t really care for. Just thought I would share.

I think those martini’s I had with dinner tonight are kicking in… a little late though. But oh so good. My favorite was the Guava Martini. Greg decided to treat me out to dinner at my – or our – restaurant tonight, Houlihan’s. Oh, and Amelia was hamming it up on the attention she was receiving from all the waitresses! Amelia is so freaking cute now a days;  she’s so vocal! You can almost hold a normal conversation with her and she’s barley 2 years old! I’m impressed, but then again I am her Mom.

I have another reason to suspect that there will be a pregnancy (either me or my cousin) before the years end; aside from the two office pregnancy’s, in the family – when there’s a death there is usually a birth (or pregnancy). For example, when my Mom’s sister died – my cousins Mom –  both of us, my cousin and I, were pregnant before the one year anniversary of her death.  During that same time frame, Greg’s office had multiple co-workers that were pregnant. Coincidence – probably; but given what I went throug in 2006, I will always be paranoid about pregnancy. Even though I am on birth control, I still take a pregnancy test once in a while just to make sure – even though I half heartily believe the results because in 2006 I took several pregnancy tests over several months and they always came out negative. So, either way… mentally with peace of mind knowing when I am pregnant or not… I’m screwed.

I’m too tired to write.


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