On the go

Blogging from the iPhone; now everyone will get to read how horrible my spelling is! However, I could blame any obvious errors on the phone due to touch screen typing (which I am getting used to).

We’ve been running errands all afternoon. I had to stop at the UPS Store to ship off the KK ( I know you don’t know what that is), run up to Brooklyn real quick, then we stopped for lunch, then ran over to Target for some items, including pull-ups for Amelia as we’re going to start potty training, and then we ran down to Circuit City because Greg is looking for a top mount flash but they didn’t have crap; so our next stop was Best Buy and their flash is marked up by as much as $70! Pass. So, our final stop is at Game Stop. Greg’a co-workers want to play Mario Kart online together, so we’re on the hunt for the game as well.

Have I mentioned that Amelia talks in her sleep? It’s pretty cute.

Yay! Game Stop had Mario Kart and Greg bought the last one.

Now, we head home.


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