Bed Time, Amelia

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Amelia was being oh-so-cute tonight, after her bath, that I decided to record her cuteness and share with all.  There are two more videos on my Flickr page.

Today was a fun day; I took a half day of work because the babysitter had an dentist appointment. So, I picked up Amelia and brought her to my office… this girl is such a social butterfly! She was walking up to everyone and saying “Hi! Whatcha doin’?” And everyone was loving it! After we toured my office (after a few minutes at one desk, Amelia would say “Bye! Time to see more peoples.”), we took a break in the “kitchen” with some co-workers that were eating their lunch and I gave her a cheese stick (I packed for my lunch) and some apple juice and she sat at the table, eating her snack, and chatted up a storm with anyone and everyone that would listen to her. I was blown away. Usually, she’s shy, quiet, and reserved around people she doesn’t really know – not anymore.

Amelia and I hung out at my office for about an hour, then we went to Greg’s office and hung out for a little bit. Amelia blew everyone away by naming all the colors of highlighters; being so vocal and non-shy; and just being her cute-self. After we left, a few of Greg’s co-workers told him that Amelia needs to be in commercials because she so personable, adorable, and just… Amelia.

I feel kind of guilty … in a sense; I felt like I was “showing Amelia off” and, while my intentions were NOT to show how smart she is, but it was/is pretty evident that she IS smart by just how well she talks and other little things (like problem solving). I keep telling myself that I am not going to be one of “those” Moms that boast about what their baby is doing now and how advanced it is for their age (like recognizing colors and being able to say the name of the color before such-and-such age); however, it’s getting hard to not ‘show off’ how much Amelia knows and only being 25 months old. I used to frequent a specific message board just before Amelia was born and several months after (later – when she was a little older) her birth, and all the Mom’s in the January birth board were just comparing “my baby is doing this” or “my baby has been doing that since…” and I just didn’t like that competition feeling,  so I stopped visiting.

This is week three of daily, constant, fatigue. I feel like I just can not get enough rest, no matter how early I go to bed or how late I sleep in. I’ve been thinking about making an appointment with a physician for a check-up and run some blood work (check my thyroid since I’ve had issues with it being under-active in the past), but I feel too lazy to do that! I seriously have no motivation for anything lately (hence the reason for the lack of posts and pictures on Flickr).  Also, my mood and temper have been … not good (to put it politely).

This past Sunday I met up with a few message board friends at The Cheesecake Factory. I’ve never eaten at this restaurant before and found it to be pretty good. It’s no Houlihan’s, though! Our server was flirting with one of the friends and it was cute and funny. We ended up staying for over three hours! The conversation was good and never stopped (except for when we were eating). There’s plans (very early stages) for another get together.

Greg and I have begun talking about getting a kitty. Greg hasn’t decided if he wants to adopt and older cat, or a younger one (less than a year old). I feel we should adopt a young kitten so it will grow up kid friendly; whereas we don’t know the history of an older cat. Greg is still undecided.

Also, in discussion, are upcoming trip(s). Well, possible trip(s). Greg would love to take my Mom and us for a weekend vacation to NYC for my Mom’s 50th birthday this summer. I’m all for it; however, we have our potential “big trip” at the end of this year and I don’t feel we can do both (financially).  Right now, we’re on ball with reducing our current debt/bills. We’ve paid off and closed 2 credit cards and I plan on having my 2 credit cards (one is a store card, the other is an actual credit card) paid off by the summer – which just leaves my car note (since it’s in my name); Greg’s debt is much bigger (although, I guess it’s our debt since we’re married – but I count what credit accounts we had before our marriage as individual debt … just to keep things easy). It’s weird: Greg has more debt, as in how much he owes to other companies, than I do – yet his credit score is better than mine. I’m hoping that within the next year, my score will increase (hopefully significantly) as my debt will be eliminated. In theory, it should but I don’t know how it works now that I am married (as in, combined scores??).

Meh, I’m just rambling at this point.

As usual, there is more to share but at this point I am done writing for the night.


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