We Have Contact

I’ve been keeping Mum with some of the issues I’ve been having with the wedding coordinator since the wedding. Well… to be honest, we’ve only had 2 issues – one was resolved immediately, and the second is one its way to being resolved.

However, the second issue is the biggest and most important: Our Wedding Pictures!

To date, we have not received our wedding pictures. We know it takes a good 8-10 days to receive mail sent from the Cayman Islands (we know this because we sent some postcards while we were visiting); so for the first two weeks since the cruise, we didn’t think much about the photos. As time continued to pass and we still haven’t received our photos, we began to stress. So, I sent an email to the wedding coordinator on the 17th of Feb inquiring about the pictures. I didn’t receive a response (but, there are other issues about that). So, Greg called yesterday and sent an email from his address and he received a response this morning (what gives, right?)! Greg and I didn’t remember our photographers last name and it wasn’t on any our our wedding documents; so we could ‘Google’ him for contact information (I know, well thought out…).  Anyway, the wedding coordinator contacted the photographer and …

The photographer FINALLY contacted us! Hooray! Greg and I are elated!!!

In the email, the photographer stated he did mail the pictures a few weeks back and that we should have received them by now. He stated that he would send us another copy of the pictures ASAP and asked for our mailing address to ensure delivery. So, I replied to his email with the requested information and I asked if he could email us a few pictures of the ceremony because Greg and I are dying to see how the pictures turned out. 

I am on lunch as I type, so I haven’t checked my email to see if there is a reply – but I am so hoping there is!! Also, Greg and I are waiting for these pictures so we can work on our wedding announcements and thank you cards – I can’t wait to create our announcements, they are going to be so awesome!!


Anyway, I am just excited we finally have contact (and his information) with the wedding photographer!!! Also, we checked out the photographers site, and Greg and I are blown away by his portfolio! We had no idea he was as talented and professional as he is!

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