Love of Snow

Anyone who knows me, knows I love snow; and the more the merrier.

So, I was elated with the possibility of snow this past Sunday and Monday. And, was over the moon with excitement when I woke up on Monday – before the alarm went off – and saw that it was still snowing and had nice accumulation.

Since Greg and I *knew* about the snow before it was reported on the news and the weather channel, we spent Saturday running errands and doing our grocery shopping.

I spent Sunday cleaning the kitchen -top to bottom – and then spent the entire afternoon baking. I don’t know what came over me, but all I wanted to do was cook. So, for breakfast, I made Cinnamon Rolls:

In the afternoon, I made BrownieCookies, which, simply, is brownie batter with cookie dough dropped on top:


And for dinner, I baked a whole chicken, seasoned with onion, garlic, rosemary, thyme, parsley, paprika, and many other Italian themed spices and stuffed with bread stuffing:


Amelia didn’t care too much for the chicken… and anything else on her plate for that matter. She hasn’t had much of an appetite these past couple of days and this morning we figured out why:  she has a cold; well, at least we now see the symptoms of a cold (just coughing right now).

After dinner, it finally started to snow – no more sneet! So, Amelia and I dressed up and went outside:


Eventually, Greg joined us:

We took a few more pictures and then Amelia and I went inside.

On Monday, Amelia was just as excited as I was about the snow and was ready to go outside as soon as she was dressed:


And, lucky for her, the babysitter ‘closed’ for the morning. However, we only went outside on the balcony to play in the snow:


Later in the day, Greg and I made it to work and Mimi went to daycare.


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