My Little Mimi

She’s sick.

Probably the sickest I’ve ever seen her (in her short 25 months of life).

She has croup — again; isn’t this, like, the third time in just over a year?

In addition to her croup, I think she has a stomach bug because she’s thrown up 3x’s in the last 24 hours; the most recent (a little over an hour ago) was the biggest — as in volume. Thank goodness I didn’t witness it (although, I did hear it), otherwise Greg would have two puddles to clean (and I’m getting queasy just thinking about it).

I took her to the doctor’s this evening. I asked him if it’s ‘normal’ (meaning common) for toddlers to get croup as often as Amelia does (because, I’m thinking croup is one of those things that died with polio or something) and he said it’s still a common thing, and Amelia is just hyper-sensitive to it. I guess I should read up on croup (is it a virus, bacteria, etc)… So, she is on a round of prednisolone to reduce the inflammation in her vocal cords.

Oh, and last night, Amelia had a fever of 103.7! Greg and I were torn about what to do; we had a pretty good idea that she had croup and, really, there isn’t a  ‘cure’ for it, other than the prednisolone medicine, yet, at the same time, we knew that she was miserable – despite the smile she kept on her face – and got as far  as getting dressed to take Amelia to the ER. However, we decided to call the “ask a nurse” line and get a second opinion/calm our worries about Amelia’s condition and symptoms. So, long story short, we stayed home and Amelia had a rough night of sleep; and so did Greg.

Have I mentioned how awesome of a father Greg is? He goes above and beyond my expectations as a father and husband. Greg didn’t get much sleep because he was worried about Amelia and attended to her when she would wake. I remember, at some point in the early morning, hearing Greg take Amelia into our bathroom and turn on the shower to get the (bath)room as steamy as possible to ease Amelia’s coughing (which worked).  Greg is so… dedicated to Amelia.  She is a total “Daddy’s Little Girl” and I believe she knows it because she has Greg wrapped around all her little fingers – which Greg admits to.

Amelia is sleeping comfortably, for now. We gave her a nice warm bath with new strawberry scented “Dora bubbles” and let her fall alseep in our bed. I hope she sleeps well for the rest of the night.

Recently, I was thinking about how, pretty soon, Amelia will be too big to fall asleep in my arms; she’s ‘out-growing’ that need to snuggle into me. And, I am going to miss that … bonding. Honestly, I already miss it; but there are the few occasions where Amelia will lie with me in our bed and snuggle into my arms any lay with me until she falls asleep. And , last night, I picked her up as I sat up in the bed and she fell back asleep into my arms… it’s a moment like that gives me such an emotional feeling … a feeling like: I am the one person that makes her feel well; I comfort her when she’s feeling at her worst… honestly, I can’t describe how I felt last night as I held Amelia in my arms… but, I just know I won’t have too many of the moments in the upcoming future; Amelia is growing up, fast.


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