Too Cute for Words

And she knows it!

I met up with my girlfriend (and her sister) at a local mall and we found Amelia’s dress, because she’s the flower girl, for the wedding! Greg met up with us too (he had some ‘business’ to discuss as he’s the photographer for the wedding) and we bought the dress. Nothing like procrastinating!! The wedding is on the 28th! Oh, and I just ordered my dress on Saturday.

Amelia loves the dress. We put it on her (over her clothes) while at the store and she ran around in it saying she was a princess. Then , we put it on her tonight so Greg could see her in it (and so I could take pictures and email them to my Mom) and she was running up and down the hall and dancing around in it.

Poor Michele, Amelia is going to steal all the attention at the wedding!

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