Playing around

Just playing around with the iPhone and the wordpress app since there was a update. So far, I am liking the one of the updates – landscape typing… Or whatever it’s called; either way it is an improvement.

My dress for Michele’s wedding arrived and I am sending it back… maybe. The dress itself is too casual and Greg agreed, however it is a nice ‘date night’ dress and it is pretty comfortable… and it was only $30 (not including taxes and express shipping). So, the hunt for a black dress continues.

I am totally suffering from severe BOTB (Baby On The Brain). I want to have another baby like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t know what’s come over me. Unfortunately, Greg doesn’t feel the same (at least for now); Greg would rather we get a house before we add to our family. I am fine with that, however I don’t want to wait x number of years – given how rough the economy is, and how questionable the job stability is (my job is fine, his is… doing all they can to keep their employees). And yes, I know, now isn’t the time to add another mouth to feed to our table… Honestly, I just want to know when we can activly plan for baby #2.

Apple recently announced an updated OS for the iPhone/touch. And, one the updates-enhancements is MMS, something I dearly miss. I can’t wait to send and receive picture texts again.

Well, I am going to search for some new apps and/or games now.


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