Nothing in Particular

Nothing big to talk about. Although, I am a little tickled to share that Greg had a dream last night; a dream that we had another daughter! Greg didn’t want to tell me about the dream because he knows I am suffering from BOTB. I thought it was ‘cute’ that Greg dreamed of us expanding our family. Greg denies that he wants another baby (right now), but i feel the dream is saying something else ( and I am slightly teasing him about it).

Speaking of BTOB, I have found some relief through distraction; I have begun the planning of our trip at the end of the year! Greg and I are about 90% positive this trip is going to happen and we plan on making our deposit at the end of April. However, we’re not 100% positive on which trip to choose.

Also, Greg and I have talked about planning another cruise for late 2010 or early 2011; and if we play our cards right, we plan on booking the cruise this summer!

And, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to have some sort of trip in progress to ease my BOTB … I need to have the timeline of anticipation (similar to waiting 9 months to see your baby) in my life… apparently. Or, I could be reading too much into my mind.

Tomorrow night is Michele’s wedding rehearsal and dinner AND the bachlorette (sp?)!!! it’s going to be a busy night.

Greg is getting very nervous about his first photography gig -Michele’s wedding. He’s rented a couple awesome lenses, a nice top mount flash, and he’s bought a remote trigger (which is fun to play with) all for the wedding. Greg wants to make sure he exceeds Michele expectations, which I feel he will.

I can’t believe March is pratically over! This year is flying by so quickly. I recently realized that Greg’s 31st birthday is only a few weeks away. Oh, and Easter is about 2 weeks away!

The year 2009 is the year of weddings. One of my cousins recently eloped (did I start a trend LOL) and we recently received an invitation for the reception party, which is being held in South Carolina! I looked up airfare and it’s hella expensive for May, so my only female cousin and I are talking about doing a road trip!

There are 4 other wedding coming up in the year!

Alright, I am finally heading to bed


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