Weekend Items

Well, I was expecting to have a good weekend; work allowed us to leave a half day early – on their dime, and I had a great afternoon with me, myself, and I. But, everything came crashing down when I picked up  Amelia. Our babysitter, the one that we love to bits – especially Amelia – isn’t going to renew her license in June. We have to find a new provider. I had to fight back the tears and I failed, on a small level. I knew she was fighting them too. Babysitter and her family are attached to Amelia and, from what I was told, Amelia was the only reason the decision was so hard. Babysitter did tell me that she considers us as ‘extended family’ and that she would be more than happy to watch Amelia anytime we needed (weekends and usless government holidays).

Once I left the babysitters, I met Greg at the local Wal-mart and told him the news. His first question was “how much more does she need to make ends meet?” because he’s willing to pay more to keep her for Amelia (the babysitter is going to get a ‘real job’ where the income is consistant).  I’m tempted to ask.

So, that news put a damper on our weekend. Greg and I are both afraid to trust another person with Amelia because  it’s so hard to find someone to trust; we felt so lucky when we found “Miss Laurie”. I’ve done a preliminary search to see what’s out there, in daycare land. There are a lot of places closer to home and much cheaper – but it’s not the cost we’re concerned about – it’s the quality of the environment; we don’t want just anyone watching Amelia. I wish my Mom lived closer; Greg and I would pay her to watch Amelia.  My Mom has the same wish. Actually, when I told Mom the news, she too wanted to know how much it would cost to keep “Miss Laurie” and she would provide the difference. As you can tell, we all love “Miss Laurie” and are willing to go any length to keep her.

We celebrated Easter on Saturday with my side of the family. Surprisingly, a large number of people visited; most were from my step-dad’s side though. Amelia had a grand time playing with Olivia and the other children. Mom and I hope that Amelia and Olivia grow-up best of friends.

We have no plans for today, Sunday. Easter isn’t a big holiday for either side of the family, which, honestly, is a relief.

Anyway, below are pictures of Amelia from each Easter (to date):




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