I hate having to look for a new babysitter. I hate the interviewing; calling “strangers” up and asking a slew of questions all the while trying to judge their personality and figure out if they’re worth meeting in person. I hate having to put a judgement on a person before getting to know them; Lord knows I don’t make a first good impression, but this is for my baby and I have to know she’s going to be in good hands.

You know, there isn’t a lot of useful information on the interweb to help families find daycare. Something I’m rather dissaponted about. How many families do you think need daycare, especially with the school year coming to an end? One would think there would be A decent website with a listed of providers and references to look at, but there isn’t.

This morning I called a place that provides a list of state licensed providers, mostly at home care rather than ‘institution’ (that’s not the exact word I’m looking for but my brain is too stressed to think about it), and it’s up to me to call the names and get the details. Yeah, like I have all the time in the working world to spend on the phone getting information – this is when a handy dandy website would come in use.

To say I am frustrated is an understatement.


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