PA or Bust

it was a BUST.

Greg and I did a little road trip to PA this afternoon. Our plan was to visit a couple of PA’s state parks, particularly Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation and Gifford Pinchot State Park.  I’ve never venjured this far into PA (sad, I know) and was curious to know if Hershey Park was near the state parks (another place I’ve never been) and with the weather so… perfect… I wanted to visit. Well, until I went to the Hershey Park website and saw that it was still closed. Oh well, a trip for the future I’m sure.

Why was the PA trip a bust? Well, the parks we visited were not to our… expectations. Boyd Big Tree is very new and wasn’t really toddler friendly; granted there were ‘easy trails’ that we started to walk down, but we learned quickly that this wasn’t something Amelia was going to enjoy. So, we left and drove around a little. Greg was looking for a particular rest stop/overlook along the Susquehanna River, but my patience was wearing thin (I was doing the driving) and I wanted Amelia to get out and run around – after all, it was a gorgeous day! Plus, I was tired of reading all the “Adult Outlet” signs – that strip of road is the mecca for all things porn (and toys)!

About an hour after we left Boyd Big Tree we arrived at Gifford Pinchot State Park. This park is more for the older folk; it is located on a beautiful lake with lots of boating activities and really nice cabins to rent (and pretty cheap, we’re looking into renting a cabin in the Fall), but there wasn’t enough for the young folk – Amelia. There was a small playground, but nothing spectacular, like the ones near us. But, we hung out for about two hours letting Amelia do her thing.

We headed home a little after 5 and stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel in York, PA. Thankfully, dinner was quick, and Amelia actually ate a good bit of her chicken and dumplings. The reason I was thankful that dinner was quick was because I was tired and wanted to get home; that and I don’t really care much for the restaurant – just isn’t “our place” like Houlihans is. I only took a few pictures today, literally, and they were with the iPhone:

the others are on my Facebook page.

So, all in all we spent about 4 hours in a car and a half a tank of gas and we didn’t have the good time we were anticipating. Greg and I began planning this trip earlier in the week when we knew the weather was going to be in our favor (as in no possibilities for rain or anything else) and by Thursday I was counting down to the weekend because of this trip. Needless to say, I had high expectations and was disappointed. So was Greg. But, it was great to get out and be in the sun exploring new areas.

I was curious about something and got the chance to try it out on the trip: last night Amelia and I went to visit my brother and we all went to Target (it’s kinda ‘our thing’  – the brother and I lazily walking around Target buying items that aren’t in dire need). I wanted to see if there was a stereo cable that I could use to plug the iPhone (the headphone jack) to the AUX jack that’s in my car… I was curious to know if I plugged the iPhone to the AUX jack, if the music would play through the car speakers. I was happy when I found these car stereo cables and figured that was what I needed. My brother noticed my curiosity and then doubted my hypotheses; he didn’t believe I had a stereo jack in my car – which made me begin to second guess myself. Well, my brother, being the awesome brother that he is, ended up paying for EVERYTHING (I had picked up a new bonnet for Amelia, some food items, new sippy cups, and my brother threw in a few toys for Amelia), including the stereo cables. So, I was eager to test the cables out but… I erased the 5 songs I had on the iPhone (though, I don’t know how I did that). So, when I got home and had a few drinks (pineapple juice and coconut rum), I attempted to figure out iTunes (still hate the program with a passion) and ripped some songs from various CD’s and miraculously added the songs to the iPhone (still don’t know how I did it with the 3 very strong drinks I had) and my hypothese was correct! Also, I can play songs from YouTube and hear them through the car speakers. So, listening to the iPhone while en route made the trip easier.  And, with this knowledge (which I’m sure die-hard iPhone fans/users already knew about) about the stereo/AUX jack, we no longer have a need for XM Radio so we’re going to cancel the subscription. Yay!

No plans for tomorrow, yet. I want to go to another park (locally) and cook on the grill, but there is a ton of laundry that needs to get done as well as some household cleaning.  Who knows, we’ll see.


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