Lazy Sunday

We had a pretty lazy day today.

The weather started out nice and warm but ended up on the chilly side.  At least we made it to another park; one that I know Greg wouldn’t mind visiting – the Airport Park.  We only stayed for about an hour though.

After the park we stopped by an old place of employment, the deli I used to work for. Earlier this week I had noticed my favorite brand of lunch meat was on sale and I decided that I wanted to stop by. The last time I was at this store, Amelia was 2.5 weeks old! And, I was shocked to see the same people still there after all these years (weird to realize it’ll be 3 years that I left in June). Well, shock wasn’t really the first feeling I had, more along the lines of disbelief. I honestly felt sad for two of my ex co-workers when I saw them.  Oh well. It felt good to ‘show off’ Amelia. And to see Amelia melt their hearts (which she has a way of doing).

I finally got around to writing my Thank You notes; I was waiting for Greg to fix our printer. Greg finally called his Grandparents (the ones the banned us from Alabama last year – it’s a running joke within the family now (except from Greg’s Grandparents) so we’re waiting to receive the addresses of all of Greg’s family members so we can mail out our DVD wedding announcement (which, I might add, is so freaking good!).

I did copious amounts of laundry and scrubbed the kitchen. Amelia was eager to by my assistant so I gave her the task of washing the cupboard doors, refrigerator, and sliding glass door – which she did with a lot of enthusiasm! Amelia is in this really fun age; she’s so eager to help us, take care of us (when one of us has a ‘boo-boo’, she’ll come over and kiss ‘it’ and tell us it’s going to be OK and that she’ll make it feel better and then rub our back – seriously. adorable.), and is so compassionate. Oh, and she can talk like a five year old! It’s so cute to listen to her ‘talk’ to her baby and/or dolly as she ‘cooks’ for them, or when she’s telling Greg and me a story.  Now, if we could get this potty training thing done…

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. We got out and explored a little, caught up with some old friends, and enjoyed our time together.


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