Feeling Old + Update

The other night my Mom asked me, out of the blue, if I’ve spoken to the “K” Family recently. The “K” Family is a family that I used to babysit for from 1993-2003, in addition to several other families in the neighborhood (but I was the primary sitter for the “K”s). I told my Mom that I hadn’t and she nagged me, like she has several times in the past, that I should give them a call, bla bla bla…

Well, Mom’s nagging question prompted me to see if  Elder  K was on Facebook … low and behold there’s a profile! So, I sent a message just making sure that I found the right K, and I did! Then I was added as a friend.

Woah! Elder K is graduating high school this year (same high school as me, 12 years later)!! Elder K is all grown up … and…  all grown up! Then I noticed Elder K’s profile included the other children of the families I used to sit for … and … it was like hitting a brick wall; all the children I used to watch (sometimes all at the same time; there were 7 by the way) are nearly adults (if you could 18 as an adult).  Oh God, I feel old.

It still seems like it’s only been a few years since I graduated high school (as in less than 5); at least that’s what my hindsight feels like. In reality it’s been 12 years. It’s so weird because I can remember, in minute detail, of all the events that have occurred since graduation – practically month-by-month; maybe that’s why it doesn’t feel as long as its been – the memories are still ‘fresh’ in my mind.

So. The IUD is in. And, no, it wasn’t fun. I was in the office for about an hour and a half and the anxiety was building, as well as the boredom. But, all in all, it’s done. Did it hurt? Yes. I stated to the doc that I’d rather go through labor, again, than have another IUD inserted.  However, in the long run, the IUD was a smart decision.

This just in:

I heard a screech and then the crunch. What I wasn’t expecting to hear was the screaming! I immediately tell Greg to call 911 and  run outside to the balcony to see if I could see anything but the trees were blocking the accident. Greg had 911 on the phone and I was telling him what I heard and what was being said outside “Oh god! Someone call 911!!”. Within minutes the police were on the scene and then a fire truck; for some reason the ambulance was last. I ran down stairs and outside to see what happened, and just as I suspected, someone misjudged the speed on the oncoming car as they were about to make a turn onto an exit ramp. This is the first accident we’ve witnessed where someone(s) were seriously injured.

After seven years with my current bank, I’ve decided to close my accounts (two checking and a savings) and open a new account with USAA. I can not describe how giddy I am, mainly because I don’t exactly know why I am so giddy. Partly, I feel like I am joining an elite group, like a ‘special members only’ club-kinda thing. But, it makes since for Greg and I to move our banking over to USAA. After all, we have our renters insurance, property insurance (specifically the cameras and lenses), a credit card, and car insurance; keep it all under one roof, so to speak.  Also, I’m excited because I get to open the account tomorrow! Oh, and the awesome perk of free checks for life (because, surprisingly, we go through a lot of checks). Sqee!

Still no luck in the Daycare Dept.  I can’t believe how many people/providers are not returning my calls! And, apparently, I’m not the only one having the same issue. One of Amelia’s playmates parent is having the same issue as me; however, she’s found a new place and asked if they were accepting 2 year olds as well and gave me a business card. I’m going to call tomorrow and check out the place next Friday. I’m crossing my fingers that we can end our search and soon!

So, some wicked cold has crept into my chest. I know it’s going to try and make my life miserable soon; it has already caused me to have a minor asthma attack today (it got to the point that I had to drive home to get my inhaler), so I’ve made an appointment with my doc (whom I haven’t seen since December 2007). Oh, and Amelia is coming along with me (daycare closing early).

This weekend we are attending a birthday party at a local petting zoo. Amelia is going to love it; she’s so into animals (as well as anything and everything under the sun). I just hope that I’ll be feeling well enough for the party.

Tomorrow is Greg’s 31st Birthday. I ordered a goody basket to be delivered tomorrow, but it arrived today. Oh well. Tomorrow, if I have time, I plan on getting Greg’s gift – a big box of York Peppermint Patties from Costco: Greg’s weakness (well, one of many). And, if I can find it, I am going to get Photoshop Elements 7.

Update over.


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